Cut ‘Em Some Slack….Show A Little Grace And Gratitude

VIDEO: When our lives are surrounded by drama…that infectious spirit can occasionally seep into our relationships causing us to nit pick and gripe about every little thing. While it’s Ok to voice your complaints or concerns in your relationship, it’s also Ok to cut your partner some slack. Your partner won’t get it right or be “on point” all the time…and that’s Ok. Cut ’em some slack!

*Note* this video is 2 years old BUT the message is timeless.  Listen. Love. Learn.

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  1. Divine
    Divine says:

    I love your chemistry. You all seem very sensually connected. Aiyana you are beautiful with short and long hair. I LOVE the Ma'ats

  2. Tiff
    Tiff says:

    Yall are great!!! I've found my new Dr. Phil LOL!!!

  3. eformationqueen
    eformationqueen says:

    You are a lovely couple, and it makes me happy to see other black couples keeping it together and making it work. I love what you are doing, and I will take/appy this advice with my husband of almost 20 years! My husband gives me a LOT of grace and gratitude, and I am going to try to give him a lot more!  Thanks & God bless!

  4. chicagosfinest
    chicagosfinest says:

    You two guys are a beautiful couple,i love the adjectives you guys use to describe each other.(Beautiful and amazing),thats wonderful.But as a relationship matures one learns how to let the drama go just to keep peace in a relationship because it gets old after awhile.Great vid!!!!!

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