5 “Must Haves” For A Healthy Relationship

By Ayize Ma’at

Yesterday we received a phone call from a radio station inquiring about our tag line “Stop Playing Start Pushing”.  The sista I spoke with said she was intrigued by it and interested in hearing how it pertains to relationships.  I shared with her that people say they want true love, people say they want a solid relationship, people say they want integrity, intimacy, and commitment, BUT people are playing around, shucking and jiving when it comes to doing the hardwork that’s required to have the relationship they want.  Yes relationships are fun, yes relationships are fulfilling, yes relationships can be bliss…BUT it takes effort.  It’s like everyone wants the diamond (solid relationship) but everybody ain’t willing to dig and get cut.  Are you??  Stop Playin & Start Pushin yall!!!

Check out this video where I make some things plain.

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  1. Sotoon
    Sotoon says:

    Man I love the way you and your wife keep it real. Your videos flow so well especially when y'all do them together. I do notice a few hiccups at times when y'all have different views on a subject, but the beauty is how y'all get right back in sync. These videos have been so so very helpful to my marriage. Keep up the good work and I'm putting the link to this video on my Facebook page. I have about 4000 friends on Facebook and I know y'all will be a blessing to a lot of them.

  2. Nicki Divine
    Nicki Divine says:

    EXCELLENT video!

  3. Ayan H
    Ayan H says:

    I hope I find a relationship like you and your beautiful wife have 🙂

  4. Lazy Hazy
    Lazy Hazy says:

    Ur so intuitive and refreshing. How do i get my man to focus more on having a relationship and less on having relations sooooooooooo much while n our relationship ? Lol

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