Eyes Wide Shut When It’s Obvious You Should Leave

Have you ever been in a relationship where the writing was on the wall telling you to get out. Well in this video we loudly voice what is clear to us… this viewer’s relationship is headed nowhere…fast.

Sometimes it’s just a no-brainer. You need to leave. Should’ve been left. Should’ve never even gotten with this person. As one of our viewers said, the million dollar question to ask yourself is “Why was I attracted to this person in the first place?” Finding that answer is critical to your future relationship success. If you don’t take the time to go within and find the answer then you will find yourself in your next relationship with a different person who is eerily the same as the last person….same scenario, different dude. Self-examination will help your eyes go from wide shut to wide open.

BLAM Family, How important do you think it is to take the time to take a good look at yourself and your relationship patterns?

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  1. DrWillRelationshipDr
    DrWillRelationshipDr says:

    The point you made about abuse is THE most important point. This is classic abuser behavior and something I try to warn young women about constantly. He exhibits ALL the signs and symptoms of an abuser. For whatever reason they cannot find a woman who is not going anywhere or doing anything to try to latch onto and leach off of. They like to find a young woman that is on her way up, jump on her and pull her down. Ultimately, they try to hurt her beging mentally, then emotionally, then verbally, then physically until the young lady dies tragically. THIS IS NOTHING TO PLAY WITH. Just like the FBI has developed a profile on serial killers abusers have a profile as well. They ALL (not some) do and say the same things. Ladies when you come in contact with a guy like the one described in this video don't walk away from him RUN!!

  2. Sydney
    Sydney says:

    Excellent advice as usual. love yall

  3. Capri
    Capri says:

    Yall are a beautiful couple

  4. cbanksstar
    cbanksstar says:

    Good? person, but not doing his part to deserve her!

  5. Ruby Griffin
    Ruby Griffin says:

    Every situation have a solution,and it must start "From the beginning"I can't express this know stronger,and it start on your first date,if y'all are monitor each other,there going to be something that will sparker the fuel,or something from within,will tell you to drop that zero,and move on…but,if you linger on in a relationship,that you know it's over…Who do you blame,but self?..for not having self-knowledge,and unconditional self-love.If you looking down on life,and don't pick yourself back up,that where you going to stay…on the ground.and that exactly,what you deserve,which is nothing..In any relationship…When your partner,he or she,tell you they don't care,about what you do or what you doing,or where you going ?Right then,you need to be packing your bag….cause it's over.

  6. ruleyourwife
    ruleyourwife says:

    It's been all said in the blog, but reiterating 2 things.

    1) This is an absolute set up for the brother to abuse these young lady. All the classic signs – run.
    2) There just might be one thing the brother said that is right and that when he questions her maturity. Her lack of maturity is found in her choice of him. And she needs to mature as it relates to what it is she is looking for in a partner, so that she won't put herself in this position with the next dude she chooses to date.
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    • Ruby Griffin
      Ruby Griffin says:

      That's so true…I loved that!!!!

  7. Miss Thang
    Miss Thang says:

    Girl already answered her own question. He's not relationship/husband material. No man can promise you the world and marriage when he don't have his own "ish" together.

  8. Sheslocdup
    Sheslocdup says:

    Great advice! Sounds like he knows? he ain't ISH and trying to break this young sister. She see's the mess now accepting and acting is in order. I'm Praying for her strength. Don't prolong the inevitable it's less painful to release him now opposed to later.

  9. VeeLuvly80
    VeeLuvly80 says:

    Time to move on young sis. It hurts to let go, but when you do, it will feel amazing and you will be free.?

  10. KingJames432
    KingJames432 says:

    Sadly, most? of us know young women and men in relationships like this. Thanks for sharing.

  11. smurfsgot1
    smurfsgot1 says:

    thanks for,you two have? sound opinions and they're greatly appreciated

  12. mba2ceo
    mba2ceo says:

    Girl code

    Spend time = spend money? on me

  13. nshouston
    nshouston says:

    My advice to the young women would be to understand what was the inital attraction that he held for her. Search for that answer. If not, your next boo may be just like this one? that you have now. you don't want to spend your twenties dating men like him because then you'll spend your thirties trying to do dmaage control. Keep it moving before you end up attached to him with soul ties or babies. Then you'll really have a question for the Ma'ats..

  14. Colbi
    Colbi says:

    Good advice I agree 100%. RUN AWAY GIRL! LOL

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