7 Steps To Build A Bridge To Romance

By Joseph

Ever run into a brick wall, so to speak, with your mate? Can’t seem to pass go without collecting 200 fresh wounds? Well, it’s time to build a bridge and tear down that brick wall. Here are your tools:
ATTITUDE:  Get an attitude adjustment first. Lighten up and do a 180-degree about face. Read the Sunday comics, grab an old comic book, turn on the Comedy channel, watch funny videos or DVDs. Get in a better mood and pass it along to your mate. Invite your mate to tune in to comedy with you, too.
FRIENDSHIP:  Go back to being friends for starters now that you’re in a good mood. Forget the love stuff, if you want. And just focus on being good friends; share compliments, do things for one another, go out and have fun together, enjoy each others company.
RELAX: Let your hair down. Trust and relax. Be yourself. Don’t let old wounds open or fester. Forget the garbage memories and just be in the here and now together.
TIME OUT: If possible, spend extra time together for awhile, like during your original courting days. Hire a sitter, order out, eat at fast food places, grab ice cream cones and go for walks in the park. Get to know each other all over again. That is the key. Then you’ll remember why you fell for each other in the beginning and history will hopefully repeat itself.
COMMUNICATION: Take it slow and easy. Tread lightly around subjects that you don’t agree upon. And slowly re-learn to communicate with each other all over again. If necessary, get help….it’s not a crime.  Seek a trusted friend or adviser, a church clergy member or certified professional counselor. No need to go it alone. Find your weak areas, examine how to over come them, and plan for future communication difficulties.
GOALS : Gradually develop goals together so you’ll have a direction to head. Write them down in a notebook just for the two of you. And over time, develop them, revise them, cross them off your list. The idea is to have goals together and work towards a common goal.
SCRAP BOOK: Create a memory album together. Add photos, clippings, menus and anything that reminds you of the good times. Then when tough times comes, you’ll have something to hold on on your bridge to romance.
So don’t just sit back and sulk.
Take short steps to improve your relationships and let lifes problems magically pass by while you hold on to your relationship.
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