A Letter From The Mistress To His Wife

the Mistress

#1) I got your text today….I was so amused at the questions you asked???
How Could i sleep with a married man??? Do you really think i awoke one morning and said today I will ruin a marriage? Because if you did your dumber then your husband said you were…Does your ignorance allow you to think I approached him?

For the record I approach no man and never have.

#2) You asked…How could I disrespect your wedding Vows?
Ummm For the record I wasn’t the one saying them with you….
I wasn’t the one professing my love for you in front of 100 guest, family and friends.
I believe this question is for the man who broke those vows not me.

Let’s be honest
What do i care about YOUR vows?

#3) You asked how could I live with myself for wrecking your happy home?
Now this will be my pleasure to respond too…Do u think i was the only one?
Do you think I am the first? If you do… don’t read any further then this…

If you want the truth continue reading…

When he took me out to dinner the waiter knew his name…
When the flowers were delivered to my job the delivery guy said he always sends the prettiest ones.
When we went to the hotel his secret CC was on file.

So much for your happy home

#4) You questioned how do i live with myself??? Where is my self respect? Now hold on to your seat belt you’re about to get an earful….How do u do it? How do u look in the mirror every morning comb your hair and brush your teeth and care for his children? cook him his breakfast possibly even pack him his lunch,,,When you know in heart he is loving someone else…

How do you function in life selling yourself short? why do u stay??????? For the kids???? That’s a lie…You stay because you feel so inadequate to leave!!!! OMG!!!! begin again Ohhh Geez might have to get a job….O NOOOO for the love of God I might have to like me again.

Where is YOUR self respect how can lay next to man who desired the flesh of another women…How do u lay next to man who told another i love u…How do look in your child’s eye and let them see you settled as second best????(THAT’S RIGHT YOU’RE SECOND BEST BECAUSE IF YOU WERE HIS ONE LOVE HE WOULDN’T HAVE SEEKED ANOTHER)

Where is YOUR self respect??? Don’t blame me cause you kept him…THAT WAS YOUR CHOICE…He thought you respected your self more and was hoping you were going to be the one to walk away but instead you stayed. Now take what you get and don’t judge me…Look at the man you kept.

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  1. Mrs. Jones
    Mrs. Jones says:

    I'm a married woman and I love this! I get so sick if these low self-esteem married women blaming another woman for the piece of trash husband you have. I will never fought another woman for the stupidity of my husband if he cheats! Me and my kids deserve better and if their father is not willing to be faithful, God will take care of him!

  2. Angie
    Angie says:

    This is just sad! This is not Being Mary Jane or Scandal! I don't even know why a wife would ever give this sorry excuse for a woman the time of day! Don’t validate her. Once it is a known fact that he cheated, that is all that is important, then you run to the doctor. Regardless of what goes on in a marriage it is between that husband and that wife. Regardless of what a man said, unless he is producing divorce papers, just assume he is married/with someone. Nope it’s not fair but it is rare for most people to be truthful with themselves much less anyone else. And another thing…BOYS CHEAT NOT MEN!!! There are not a lot of men out there with decent qualifications who are single, so pickings may be slim. Also, why are so many women against each other? Is this an epidemic or is it just acceptable thanks to reality tv, music, etc?
    Girl (yes, poor excuses for women like you are girls because most women I know want their own and do not believe in sharing their man) have a seat and swallow! It will come back to you in one form or another! Just another one of life’s beautiful lessons!

  3. Tanya
    Tanya says:

    Talk about nerves!!!!


    I am sooooo tired of women who have no morals and self-respect trying to teach " a lesson" to others about why their man has gone astray. Have several seats….your opinion and your voice DO NOT COUNT HOOKER!

    • freetobe
      freetobe says:

      If you don't take care of your man somebody else will. I've been the other woman. Everybody wants to feel wanted.

  5. Tina T.
    Tina T. says:

    I don't agree with the delivery, but I never understood why women always get angry at the mistress. Unless she is a friend or relative we don't have anything to talk about. All anger, blame, and responsibility goes toward the spouse he is the one with the obligation.

  6. Elaine
    Elaine says:

    What a way to deflect personal responsibility. Yes her husband F#cked up…and guess what… you're F#cking up too. Leaving the door open doesn't give you a license to steal. Where is the respect? Where is the decency? Are you so weak and desperate of a woman that you just can't say no. Grow up black woman and carry yourself with honor….

    Being a jump off doesn't look good on you

  7. Shonda
    Shonda says:

    Damn….this was a tough pill to swallow.

    • TRACIE
      TRACIE says:


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