My Mother In Law & Me…Being INTENTIONAL About Building Our Relationship

By Aiyana Ma’at

*This pic is of me and my mother in law whom I affectionately call “Mom Sharon” at a Prayer Breakfast on a Saturday morning. I stole it from my hubby’s Facebook status. :-)* 

One day last year ago my mother in law gave me a call and said that she had been meaning to do this for awhile and just hadn’t but wanted to see if we could spend more time together.

WOW! This may seem small to you but it was huge for me! I was so touched by her desire to be closer and her willingness to take a risk and see if she could make it happen.

And you know what? That one simple yet profound gesture instantly elevated us into another space where we now make it a point to connect, connect, connect!

So, what’s the BIG LESSON here?

If you want something to be different in your relationship (any relationship) you have to take a risk and ask for what you want.

You can RE-CREATE any relationship you have….all it takes is a willingness to try. I’m so thankful for our new found connection. It has inspired me to re-create a few of my other relationships too! So, now it’s my turn to take a risk and ask for what I want. I’ll keep you posted!

Are there any people in your life you’d like to see more, know better, or connect with more? Leave a comment below and let me know how you plan to make it happen. 90% of the time the only thing standing in your way is YOU.

Love y’all……



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  1. Sharon Morton
    Sharon Morton says:

    Hello Aiyana,

    This is a beautiful statement, and confirmation of how children of God's family are to be toward each other. Reaching out is intentional, and I'm soooooo thankful that my spirit kept urging me to do it. Thank you for being so responsive. I really enjoy spending time together….. talking, sharing and laughing about anything and everything.
    Peace and Blessings to you,
    Mom Sharon

  2. Yvette
    Yvette says:

    Both of you are beautiful rays of sunshine. What a pretty pic. Aiyana this is awesome and a gentle reminder for me to b intentional in my relationships.

  3. Genuine
    Genuine says:

    Aiyana you sooo inspire me. You walk your talk and I respect that.

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