3 Truths That Will Transform Your Relationship TODAY!


These 3 Truths will transform your relationship today if you internalize them and operate as though they are your norm. The Mrs. and I have been happily married for a long ass time and these 3 truths are consistently present in our reality. If you’re struggling with this…I challenge you to release the need for it to make sense and simply receive. It has worked in our relationship and in the relationships of the thousands of couples we’ve worked with. As always…Stop Playing and Start Pushing.

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  1. Smoov
    Smoov says:

    I do understand your point. We cant expect our partner to feel or view things the exact same way as I do. But as long as we communicate to understand each other, we'll agree on our shared experience and feelings which help to bring us together. Thats a really hard concept to fully digest for anybody b/c we all want to know that the closest person to us does understand us completely. And when we start needing someone to "completely" understand our own thoughts & feelings is when it becomes the toughest to know that's an unrealistic expectation to have about anyone.

  2. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Love you and your wife. Y'all are too fab ; )

  3. Cassandra
    Cassandra says:

    You always bring it. Thanks for the wisdom and the truth.

  4. Javon
    Javon says:

    GREAT INSIGHT!! Thank you brotha Ma'at

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