The Ma’ats Spend Quality Time During The African American Family Day At The National Zoo

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Monday was Washington D.C.’s annual African American Family Day at the National Zoo. We’d been hearing about the event for several years…some positive and some negative. This year we decided to venture downtown to check out the festivities. To be honest we had mixed feelings during our experience. Of course we love our people and whenever we have the opportunity to be at a gathering where the intention is to lift up black family that’s all the more better. It was definitely good seeing families out and about having a good time. It was also disturbing to see an overwhelming number of youth behaving in a disrespectful manner in the presence of elders, men, women and children.  Some of the behavior made me ask myself “Is African American Family Day at the National Zoo because some think and feel that such a location best suits our people?”  Just a fleeting thought.  I did google the event when I got home and learned that the free gathering dates back to the 1890s. Oral history says that black domestic workers were required to work on Easter, so Monday was the day of family celebration.  All in all we had a good time…..but I must say…Parents get your kids in check. It’s absolutely senseless that a young boy was “jumped” and stabbed while we were there.

These are just a few of the comments I’ve seen since on various websites since the ruckus happened.

“Such a lovely culture they have.”

“If they insist on acting like animals then we have to treat them like animals.”

“The whole area entailing Washington DC and Prince George’s County Maryland ,IS the National Zoo.”

“…and obviously the zoo is precisely where these animals belong.”


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  1. Keianna
    Keianna says:

    My family and I was on our way to the Zoo when we got word that there was a fight and stabbing….It makes me sad that people put us all in one box as if we all act the same but it is what it is. I am glad you all had a nice time. My family will be attending the ZOO this Sunday.

  2. constance nunn
    constance nunn says:

    It's beautiful when a family can go out and spend time together. It's another thing when you can't really be safe because of other people behavior. I live here in atlanta georgia, new years eve someone got stabbed and it was a youth. All because of someone else behaving. I love this video, because family is beautiful when they have fun together.

  3. growflowerswkim
    growflowerswkim says:

    Get down, Mom!? Do that Bunny Hop!!!

  4. jetblakink
    jetblakink says:

    Beautiful family, where would we be without days like this!… Can't make up my mind whether the children look more like mom or dad! I think maybe the boys? look more like dad, and the girls just like mom.

  5. blackbutterfly38
    blackbutterfly38 says:

    this was so nice to watch.? We need more family like this in this world

  6. Msjhae2010
    Msjhae2010 says:

    BEAUTIFUL video? stay blessed:)

  7. EButta71
    EButta71 says:

    I throughly? enjoyed watching this. This is so beautiful. May God continue to bless your family!

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