Aiyana Ma’at Talks About What It Takes To Be Married With 1690 WVON’s “Talk Of Chicago” Matt McGill

Recently Aiyana wrote an article on our site titled, “Ladies, You’re Not Ready To Get Married If….” Needless to say it generated a lot of buzz and attracted the national radio audience. She was called by the Matt McGill Show (WVON 1690AM) and asked to speak on her piece. Check out the interview and let us know what you think.

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  1. Kenya
    Kenya says:

    Girl you need to have your own show. Whenever I hear you speak YOU BRING IT!!! Great interview.

  2. GodsButterflye
    GodsButterflye says:

    I absolutely LOATHE that men call WOMEN females. So glad the one guy who started to say "females" self-edited. We aren't animals.? Anyway, I grew up in a church where we were taught that "submit" means or carries the idea of retiring. When you're retired, there is a deferring to. You don't "work" any more.

  3. giTITgurl
    giTITgurl says:


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