Angry Wife Gives Sermon About Her Minister Husband Being A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

Wow!!! This is really crazy y’all.  Divorce is not a laughing matter but this was Check out this video of an angry wife named Anjenette, who appeared on “Divorce Court” and gave Judge Lynn Toler a sermon about how she thought she was marrying a man of God, but her minister/husband turned out to be “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”  Of course this story is littered with Tom Foolery ….but that’s what you get when you get ladies when he proposes to you while he’s living in a crack house.  Check out the video to hear her “preach” her points…and hear him defend himself against his wife, who he calls, “a hood rat minister”.

Short Clip

Full Video

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3 replies
  1. Kiesha
    Kiesha says:

    The dumb things that women do. Why would she even marry this man?

  2. Eddie
    Eddie says:

    this was hilarious…a good morning laugh

    • Lynnette
      Lynnette says:

      Well. We all make mistakes.. but she seem to be desperate for a mate because she is following her religion and not the spiritual "Holy Spirit" guidance. Anjenette sounds like she is hurt under all that anger. She can't blame anyone but herself, I'm sure she saw some warning signs but hope that they would go away and they didn't.

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