Announcing The Winner Of The $150 TicketMaster Gift Card To The Event Of Their Choice!!

All last week we did Give Aways to celebrate our 100th video and to thank each and every one of you, B Intentional Family, for supporting & participating in the work of uplifting, examining, and keeping it real about love & marriage in our community.

Well, we’ve got a Winner for the fifth Give Away of the week! It’s Chandrea Reid!!! Yay!!!

We asked for folks to tell us why you love your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, or why you love Black Love.

Here’s what Chandrea said:

I love my boyfriend because of his love for me. He has accept me and my flaws. He is always willing to pause his life for my needs and everyone elses needs. He is such a caring individual. I’ve never had anyone to love me the way he does. It’s breath taking………..

Now, Chandrea’s boyfriend is not an official winner but since she won I’m sure Patrick Rock is saying “Yes, we won!” 🙂 We just wanted to give Chandrea’s boyfriend, Patrick, a shout out because their demonstration of their love for each other is revolutionary and soooo inspiring! Patrick entered the Give Away too and here’s what he had to say about Chandrea:

Chandrea Reid,

Not all men are lucky enough to be with the woman of their dreams because some end up in bitterness. We met countless trials, made petty quarrels, arrived at silly decisions yet we stood still against all of them and even strengthened the love we both commitment before God. I can’t thank God enough for granting more than what I wished for. You are far better than what I’ve prayed hard and live my life with till eternity. God is so good for giving me the best woman on earth.

Without you in my life, I’m an empty page of a book, a flower without fragrance! My love for you grows stronger each day. With you, my life seems so easy. We lighten each other’s feelings even with just our smiles, kind words, listening ears and tight embrace.

I won’t ever trade the day, when God introduced you to me, for in that day, I know my life started to be complete.

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! My sweetheart, my lover, my friend

Patrick D. Rock

We ain’t mad at ya’ll!!!! Ya’ll hold on to each other tight!  🙂

Chandrea won a $150 TicketMaster Gift Card to the event of her choice! We hope you and your sweetheart have a fabulous night out on the town! Congratulations!!!

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  1. mrs_kcarr
    mrs_kcarr says:

    now that's some sweet love! congrats to chandrea and patrick!!!

  2. Chandrea Reid
    Chandrea Reid says:

    WOW, I wasn't expecting to win. This is great. We will definitely enjoy this. Thank you!

    @Kandi, Thanks!

  3. Kandi
    Kandi says:

    Congratulations Chandrea…..Enjoy!

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