Baby, How Are You Feeling? Can We Take A Moment To Connect?

Amidst all of the everyday buzz…make sure you take time to slow down and check in with your sweetie….it’s more important than you know. In this video my hubby and I take a minute to just slow it down and connect. Why is this important? Because it’s what drew you to your boo in the first place….a connection that made you want to explore more about this person and what they were all about.

So, if you’ve had an argument, if you all are getting on each other’s nerves right now, if extended family are wearing out their welcome and they just got to the house—try your best to LET IT GO, find a few moments to be the bigger person, take the first step, pull your boo aside and CONNECT!

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  1. Aysh
    Aysh says:

    I'm in a newly developing relationship and just joined BLAM. I love the relationship you two have and the value you bring to the Black community. Thank you both!

  2. Sandy Cheeks
    Sandy Cheeks says:

    ohhh love the hair like that sexayyy….you guys are so great together…love yall

  3. Phynix Fire
    Phynix Fire says:

    How sweet! "I's tired" lol I love y'all! Y'all are so real and deal ugh real live issues touring that true talk… I love it and am utilizing your information!

  4. Theresa
    Theresa says:

    Thanks for this. In the mist of all the holiday craziness, this video was timely. My wife saw the video while taking a break from baking and everything and yelled for me to watch the video with her. You two are adding immense value to the black community. Enjoy the holidays. Peace

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