Can't Live With A Liar!

VIDEO: “I am calmly composing this but I am screaming on the inside!” writes this wife. Listen in as the Ma’at’s give advice on how to deal with your mate when they refuse to be honest. Leave a comment and let us know what you think. QUESTION: How have you dealt with your mate when they were dishonest with you?

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  1. Ayize Ma'at
    Ayize Ma'at says:

    Toxic relationships can challenge your sense of self and your sanity. You define what is toxic based on the inconspicuous and visible impact the relationship has on your life. If trust has been broken and your partner wants to regain your trust…..he has to earn it. He has to do whatever is necessary and within reason to restore confidence in him. If he is

    #1 unwilling
    #2 showing no movement toward getting back in your good grace

    then you got a relationship that will more than likely continue to be TOXIC.

    Can he change?….we all DO. But it’s up to him to DECIDE whether it will be for better or for worse. Unless he B Intentional about getting better…it’s a good chance he’ll get worse.

  2. JuaTina White
    JuaTina White says:

    Living with a liar is very difficult especially if you are trying to establish trust. It has to work both ways or it just doesnt work. One spouse can forgive and the apology is given and accepted. When the same behavior keeps occuring over and over the apologies dont mean anything. After a period of time how do you overcome this issue?

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