Please! Please! Let’s Get Counseling!!!

VIDEO: The “C” word……”Counseling” can be a pretty taboo word in the African-American community. Do men have more of an issue with getting professional help than women? What does one do when they feel there are issues in the relationship that need the objectivity and skill of a trained professional but the other person says “Hell no!” Listen is as The Ma’at’s provide perspective.

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  1. Amit Herit Atyeb
    Amit Herit Atyeb says:

    Hey you two. I submitted a question to you both last year about my situation with my husband and three children. Now age 28 and married for 8 yrs I thought that I was making progress in the marriage. Intimacy issues came up at times and I told him what was needed. Now I feel that we are drifting a part emotionally, spiritually and mentally. There are a few times that we were intimate but I felt sex is not the right answer to this. I feel that loving him so much has turned into a love that's just not enough. I am still an at home mom, dealing with children yet I started to meet with other women dealing with that same situation yet helped others and out community with just the basic needs. I love my husband and still in love with him yet he don't share what is learning spiritually with so that I can grow and change with him, just keeps me in the dark. I am tiring of trying to to do when he is the type that is a mute. I challenged myself and I don't get emotionally attached with another man, Should I just stay alone to myself and children and leave my husband alone while living with him or is this the end?

  2. Victor
    Victor says:

    Yall flow real well together. I love the astuteness.

  3. quietlady44
    quietlady44 says:

    I just can't understand why you have very few views, when a woman sittin on a toilet get over 14,000,000 views. You guys are a hidden gem. So glad I found you by accident, but I will purposely follow your advice, and I will share these videos with as many people as I can.

  4. NappyNaturally
    NappyNaturally says:

    …generally speaking not seeking counseling when it's needed is the reason why our community is a HOTMESS when it come 2 relationships

    • Jay
      Jay says:

      So True…..As I therapist I am intrigued by this attitude. I am in the process of writing my dissertation about the subject matter…….maybe I can get a better reason why??

  5. jetblakinc
    jetblakinc says:

    What you two are doing is huge! Huuuuuuuuuge!… Do you hear me?
    All Praise is due to the Most High. You have made my day.

  6. Sweet T
    Sweet T says:

    Thats a tearful wow!…I think sometimes its not only fear that causes men to shy away from digging deep, its also being overwhelmed by what they percieve as insurmountable issues and obstacles to becoming who they want to be. Maybe you could give some examples of baby steps on how to start the journey and some insight from your experience onwhat they can expect. Its always comforting to find out youre not the only one dealing with a certain issue, or feeling a certain way!

  7. Ayize Ma'at
    Ayize Ma'at says:

    We hear it all the time….”black men need to get fixed”. My wife felt the same way…..but upon doing some self examination she came to the realization that she was “touched” too. LOL . To the black men…I’d say don’t be afraid to “dig deep”….that’s where the gems are.

  8. Karen
    Karen says:

    Yes, I feel black men really are afraid of counseling because they are really afraid of looking at themselves and their flaws. They try to play it off and say I don’t need anyone to tell me anything! And, they need counseling more than anyone!

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