Baby I Need You To Communicate Through Your Actions That I Can And Should Trust You

By Carol Jackson

Trust is nowhere to be found. As a couple you need to communicate to save your marriage. But you have trust issues with your partner.

You’re at a deadend. You keep wanting to believe that your spouse is being honest with you and your spouse doesn’t know how to make you believe what they’re saying. Where do you turn, what is the answer.

>Do you have difficulty communicating how much he has hurt you?

>Do you have difficulty trusting anything he says?

>Do you wand to find a way to trust him again?

>Do you have paranoid trust issues?

You realize this could be the end of your marriage.

Learning to communicate is vital in helping to regain trust. Read on to discover the first step to couples communication.

Communication Is Built on Actions

Your spouse’s actions will weigh heavy in rebuilding your trust. You are needing to “know” that your spouse is being honest. You’re relying on a feeling, and right now your emotions are all over the place. Therefore you don’t know if those feelings can be used to keep your thoughts focused. Also, just waiting to “know” is useless if no specific actions are being taken to actually regain the trust.

Lying, for example, can be one person’s way to avoid meaningful communication. As the victim, you have probably built a wall of protection to filter additional lying on the part of your spouse.

When your spouse lies to you it is impossible to have a trusting marriage. There is no way your marriage can survive if the lies continue.

This shows signs of an unhealthy marriage,requiring open couples communication. Each spouse needs to share freely with one another to label it as “healthy.” When trying to save your marriage, you need to identify changes in certain behaviors. If your spouse says they are being honest with you, there has to be specific actions to back it up.

There are definitely actions that you both can take to rebuild trust in your marriage. This can be done through developing communication as a couple.

Carol Jackson is an relationship review writer. Expert in researching information and finding marriage-saving programs that work.

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