VIDEO:Postal Worker Catches Customer’s Racist Rant. Says Black Women Are Against Black Men.

VIDEO: Things got ugly when a black mail carrier refused to take back a certified letter he delivered (and she signed for) to a lady in Hingham, Mass. She went on a racist rant and he secretly taped it all on his cell phone. In her ridiculously bigoted spew she threw this in: “Black women are against the black man because they’ve been exploited so much…they’re with the white people…they work against black men underneath it all”. Whoaa! What the hell?! Needless to say I was hot and pissed off after I watched this lady not only disrespect and degrade this black man but also have the nerve  to say that black women are against black men and….hold up–let me not continue to vent here—just check out the video below of this mentally disturbed lady and leave a comment with your thoughts. WARNING: This video contains some profanity & racial slurs and is highly offensive so get your mind right.

Black Voices reported on this as well Here’s an excerpt below:

The overwhelming number of comments on this Youtube clip from people who actually said that the postal worker provoked her by not leaving when she started to go crazy, or said that he should have forsaken his responsibilities as a postal officer and given her the mail back are examples of the kind of denial that allows racism to continue generationally.

What’s particularly interesting is at 2:36 when she actually tries to turn it around to show that SHE is the victim here. She says: “I’m not hurting you, you’re hurting me. I’m standing out in the cold, I’m wet with my socks on,” after she has assaulted him, by slapping him, for being painfully polite and just doing his job.

That’s right, she even goes as far as to slap him. Yes, I said she slapped him. For those that didn’t hear: she SLAPPED him. Wow.

This story would be all s**ts and giggles, and ‘hey look at the crazy lady’ if it weren’t for the fact that the postal worker was FIRED in this scenario. Yeah, I had to read that again myself.

Apparently, the laws in her state say that you cannot record someone surreptitiously. She meanwhile is a free as a bird, as no trial was set for her. And there’s probably a s**tload of mail for her clogging up space at the local post office.

To read the full article on Black Voices, CLICK HERE.

Thoughts anyone?

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  1. Essence
    Essence says:

    I am from Mass & that’s how some (not all) people act towards black people here. I know that I’ve been in that situation and was also “let go” due to illegally recording a conversation. Needless to say the company that I was working for is now bankrupt!!! Also what had helped in my situation because I was offered my job back (I told them where to go & how to get there) was the fact that I was speaking to a 911 operator and calls are recorded and are available to the public!!! He should sue he has a case I know I would (and didi)

  2. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    If this had happened where I am from, there would NOT be a video. That's all I got to say on this one.

  3. J.A.
    J.A. says:

    I don't even understand why he entertained conversation with this woman, he should have called the cops IMMEDIATELY! and his supervisor also. When dealing with White ppl, follow their example, document and report. He documented the assault, & interference with a federal employee doing his job, He should have been dialing faster than lightning!

  4. Tasha
    Tasha says:

    I cannot believe he got fired he was protecting himself in court it would’ve been her white words against his black words. She shouldnt have put her hands on him and I would’ve called 911 on her behind instantly. Smh at this just sad.

  5. Racetraitor
    Racetraitor says:

    The shitstem records us all the time…why can't the people do this to protect themselves?

  6. Kandi
    Kandi says:

    this was kaarrraaazzziiieeee!!!! I don't condone men hitting women…but i'm saying……
    In all seriousness the sickness that is seen in this video is REAL. As black folks we need to remember where we've come from and represent appropriately.

  7. K.O.
    K.O. says:

    No one has commented on this one???!!! Wow! I don't even know what to say! I don't even want to get started, because I might not stop. And he got fired behind this mess?? Yet another reason why we need to get it together, and strengthen our relationships with each other. So outsiders can't try to feed us the b.s. that their mama's teach them. SMH.

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