What’s Really Going On? Getting To The Unmet Need.

Do you really want to have more productive communication? Do you really want your man or woman to understand what’s really going on? Do you feel like your spouse just doesn’t get “it” or get “you”? There is a way to get what you want but you have to be more committed to unraveling understanding than to your issue or your agenda. If you’re really ready, listen in and learn how to reduce the frustration and move closer to resolution as we help you have more productive conversations by asking 1 simple question: What is the unmet need?

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  1. lanamolinespeaks
    lanamolinespeaks says:

    I will make sure I tapper off all the "rah rah" and cut the "riff raff!" I love it. This is so true. I am certain my husband hears birds chirping when I go off into a soliloquy. Between his body language and his non response sometimes, I have learned to just get to the point. It does cut down on confusion and allows us to flow together a lot smoother in communication. Thanks for this. Y'all are crazy! Good looking out!
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  2. Luvtheskinurin
    Luvtheskinurin says:

    another great video..it always comes back to communication no matter what.

  3. challengebytheword
    challengebytheword says:

    Beautiful, I love it; We need more videos like this; very positive.

  4. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    One of the most important points I learned is when talking with a man get straight to the point; and do it in love and with kindness. It works. I get a much better response. Also, instead of saying you this and you always that, starting off with I need gets me heard. My husband told me that when I am raising my voice and (let's say) releasing my frustration, he didn't hear a word that I said even when I was right. He immediately tuned me out. So, Iearned to be direct and pleasant when I want results.

  5. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    Ayize….I feel you on getting tired of the jibber jabber. I'm gonna try this… hopefully it helps me get past the hour long monologues and to the root of my lady's concern

  6. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Ok, so I get the unmet need thing. It makes perfect sense but can I keep it real for a minute? Why didn't anybody tell me marriage had to be this damn HARD!!! Lol! I really wasn't prepared. I wish I would have found a website like this b4 I got married. But, I guess its no use in complaining which I know I do alot of. I'm bout to do what yall said and ask my husband tonight "Honey, what's your unmet need???? 🙂

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