R&B Singer Tamia Speaks Her Mind On Marriage & Reality Show “Basketball Wives”. Says “It’s Definitely Not Reality.”

During a recent interview with The Huffington Post, R&B singer Tamia revealed what keeps her marriage to NBA hubby Grant hill, her thoughts on the “Basketball Wives” franchise, details behind her upcoming album “Beautiful Surprise,” and her battle with multiple sclerosis.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:


What are some things that you guys do to help keep your marriage thriving?


I always say, “What works in one marriage may not work in the next. So definitely keep your eyes focused on your own relationship.” I think it’s important to understand that you guys are going to grow. Obviously, I’m not the same person that I was at 24, and he’s not the same person that he was. But we also together allowed each other to grow as well and stay connected at the same time. And I think that’s important. And obviously, communication is super important. And at the end of the day we just love being with each other and being really good friends.


Since you’re married to an athlete, what are your thoughts on the perception of the “Basketball Wives” franchise?


Well, I think the perception is definitely not a reality. I think, to be fair, a lot of those women [on the show] aren’t wives. And I’m good friends with Shaunie. And as far as business is concerned, I applaud her, but I think that it’s definitely very misleading in terms of what our lives are about. I do have a lot of friends who are married to athletes, and a lot of these women are involved in charities, doing all kinds of things behind the scenes and are supportive wives, and — believe it or not — have supportive husbands who are really great guys. I think not only for the women, but I think it just paints a really bad picture about the men as well. I think for athletes in general, people are like, “Why would you want to marry an athlete?” And that goes back to what I was saying to you: what works in one person’s marriage, may not work in the next. So keep your eyes focused on yours! I guess it’s interesting TV, but it’s definitely not reality.


You can read the full interview here.


VIDEO: Viola Davis Wears Her Hair Natural At The Oscars. Husband Says “Step Into Who You Are”

Viola Davis is covering up less and less these days, thanks to some encouragement from her husband.

During a private dinner party in Los Angeles recently, Davis recounted a message from hubby Julius Tennon. “He said, ‘If you want to wear it for your career, that’s fine, but in your life wear your hair. Step into who you are,’” she said.

Davis, who stepped out at the Oscars looking absolutely gorgeous with her natural said she’s not sure if she’ll revert back to wearing her fake hair anytime soon. “We’ll see,” she said. “I think I’ll change it up every once in a while. It gives me flavor. It makes me feel like I’m spicing up my life a bit.” [InStyle.com]




Ne-Yo’s Girlfriend Is Adopting 48 Children From Africa

By Joel Provano

Atlanta actress Monyetta Shaw has agreed to “adopt” 48 children in the African nation of Swaziland, TMZ is reporting.  Shaw, the girlfriend of Atlanta-based R&B star Ne-Yo, won’t actually bring the children home to live with her, but she will pay their living costs for a year — estimated at $20,000, TMZ says. Shaw and Neyo currently have 2 children together.  CLICK HERE to read more.  

VIDEO: Awww! Sherri Shepherd Breaks Down In Tears When Her Husband Surprises Her & Serenades Her With A Song Live On ‘The View.’

by Team BLAM

Talk about romantic! Have you seen this? During a segment of yesterday’s episode of “The View,” co-host Sherrie Shepherd broke down in tears when her husband Lamar “Sal” Sally surprised her with roses and serenaded her with the song,”My Girl,” for Valentine’s Day. Allright fellas, contrary to popular belief it’s not too late to redeem yourself if you didn’t do anything yesterday. Hard as it may be to believe–what matters most is that you make an effort to do something that genuinely demonstrates your love to your Queen. Shout out to Sal! He’s on the right track for sure!

Kandi Burruss of “Atlanta Houswives” Speaks On Her Past Relationship With Deceased Fiance A.J. Jewell


“Atlanta Housewives” star Kandi Burruss chatted with CNN’s “Showbiz Tonight” about her past relationship with her late fiance A.J. Jewell.

Burruss also gave her opinion on whether it was right for “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star Taylor Armstrong’s to write a memoir about her late husband Russell Armstrong, who committed suicide back in August 2001.

Do You Prefer Jay-Z Still Use The Word B!T$H?

It’s kinda funny how people pass judgement on “what” inspires growth instead of appreciating growth as it’s occurring. There’s 99 things we could be focussing on and considering why Jigga stopped using the word “bitch” ain’t one….or is it?  The popular line of logic is that your mother, your mothers’ mother, your mother’ mothers’ mother should be enough of a reason and if that don’t cut it than the buck should definitely stop with your wife.  Well what inspired internal transformation in Jay was not his mom or his wife…it was his daughter.  Is that something to be proud or ashamed of?

From Clutchmagonline.com

So, after years of using derogatory language to describe women, Blue Ivy’s father, Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter, has decided to immediately cease and desist using the word “B*itch” in honor of his new-born daughter, reports GlobalGrind.com

In a touching verse, he rhymes:

“Before I got in the game, made a change, and got rich, 
I didn’t think hard about using the word Bitch. 
I rapped, I flipped it, I sold it, I lived it 
now with my daughter in this world 
I curse those that give it. 
I never realized while on the fast track 
that I’d give riddance to the word bitch, to leave her innocence in tact. 
No man will degrade her, or call her out her name 
the women won’t despise her and call her the same. 
I know it’s gonna miss me 
cuz we been together like Nike Airs and crisp tees 
when we all used to hang out front 
singing 99 problems but a lady ain’t one. 
Excuse me miss, can I be your mister 
cuz I can tell the difference from a little girl and a sister, 
She never grew up, her father left her alone 
I promise not to talk like we used to 
until Kingdom Come. 
I’m so focused on your future, 
The degradation has passed 
I wish you wealth, health, and insight 
forever young you may pass. 
Blue Ivy Carter, my angel.”

This is a good thing, right? An African-American man realizing the error of his ways, acknowledging his mistakes and moving forward with more class and dignity than he had previously shown?

Apparently not.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

Reality Show In Review: Jimmy & Chrissy-A Hip Hop Love Story?

By Ericka Beckwith & Robin Hunt

Anyone that knows us understands that we love reality TV. VH1’s Love and Hip Hop falls right into that category.

Now on last week’s show Jim Jones surprisingly proposed to his longtime girlfriend…er… um fiancé Chrissy. Chrissy had ahh… proposed to him a few seasons ago and was eagerly awaiting his “Put A Ring On It” moment. She was actually getting quite tired of waiting and took a girls weekend to Miami to let off a little steam. Well, at dinner one night Jimmy pops up outta nowhere and takes her to the side and whips out one gorgeous ring (and I do mean gorgeous)! Of course she agrees and we the loyal watcher were left to think, “Hmmmm was this all just a little bit staged??” I mean she really had to give him the business to realize she was DONE and ready to get him on one knee or she was gonna walk. Is this what it’s come to ladies? Now I’ll admit prior to receiving my marriage proposal to my now ex-husband I did give him the “ish or get off the pot” speech but at the time he had already picked out the ring and told the parents he wanted to marry me – even though I didn’t know.

So I understand Chrissy’s angst but what I don’t understand about this duo is that SHE actually asked HIM to marry her. Yeah you gotta go for what you want ladies but some things just need to be a man’s job. How can we expect him to do what he is called to do by God if he can’t make the step to say,“You are what God designed for me and I wanna put a ring on it.” ? That’s what we need to hear not, “Okay girl since you have hung in there here you go.” Any Martin fans out there? Remember that first proposal Martin gave Gina? The one where he said…”Damn! Gina, here is the ring what else do you want?” Well to me that is what Jimmy might as well have said to Chrissy because this staged attempt at a proposal wouldn’t be the one I wanted, sorry being a little spoiled and selfish here but Prince Charming needs to be that CHARMING! So Chrissy and Jimmy I wish you well… I really do but make sure you are getting the spiritual blessing on your marriage that is so needed in today’s time of jump-offs, groupies and the like.

Ericka Beckwith & Robin Hunt are an integral part of the writing team here at Blackloveandmarriage.com. They love good cocktails and great get-togethers (aka parties). They are moms, reality show junkies and together manage the blog Cocktails And Conversations along with their BlogTalk Radio show by the same name.

“The Obamas” – A Look Inside The First Family’s Marriage?

New York Times journalist Jodi Kantor’s new book,“The Obamas,” purports to reveal the inner workings of the first family’s relationship.

But is it ever really possible to get inside someone’s marriage — especially that of the President and First Lady?

Given that Kantor didn’t interview the Obamas for her book, (though she says she has previously spoken to both Michelle and Barack about their marriage), it’s unclear how much this tell-all will truly reveal (the book hits stores on January 10).

“The Obamas” has already garnered criticism from several corners. David Remnick of The New Yorkerwote: “Such books regard more earnest matters like history, context, and ideas the way a child looks at a plate of Brussels sprouts.” The Washington Post criticized Kantor for discounting the importance of getting an interview with the Obamas for her book. CLICK HERE to read more.

Jennifer Hudson Opens Up About Fiancee’ David Otunga’s Romantic Proposal

By  Team BLAM

Oscar and Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson sat down with TODAY’s Lester Holt to discuss her battle with weight loss, family tragedy, how her fiance David Otunga proposed and upcoming wedding. The proposal was quite romantic.

Hudson also talked about starting her late nephews’ “Julian D. King Foundation” and the events that the foundation sponsors.

Check out her interview below:

Beyonce & Jay-Z Welcome A New Baby Girl!

The most-talked about unborn baby of the year has finally arrived.

According to celebrity tweets from the likes of Rihanna and Russell Simmons, Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed a beautiful baby girl on Saturday night.

“Welcome to the world princess Carter!” Rihanna tweeted. “Love Aunty Rih.” Meanwhile, rap mogul Russell Simmons wrote, “Congrats to my good friends Beyonce and Jay-Z.”

So what would the superstar couple name their already famous baby girl? Like most things Jay and Beyonce, the newborn’s name is a mystery. Earlier, sources told E! News her name is Blue Ivy Carter, while others told TMZ its Ivy Blue. Beyonce’s BFF Gwyneth Paltrow cleared up the confusion by tweeting that the baby’s name was Blue Ivy after all.

The Grammy winner, 30, and hubby Jay-Z are said to have checked into Lenox Hill Hospital in New York’s Upper East Side on Friday night under the alias Ingrid Jackson, where Beyonce underwent a scheduled C-section, reports the New York Daily News. The couple reportedly rented out the entire 4th floor of the hospital for $1.3 million.

Beyonce made her last public appearance on Thursday, when she was photographed running errands with mom Tina Knowles.

Congrats Carter Family!!!

Click HERE to read full story