From Quality Time To Heart Time

After sitting down and watching a movie that moved us both emotionally we decided to record a video to capture what it means to go from quantity time…to quality time…to heart time.  The movie gave greater perspective to the idea of “true love”.  In doing so it inspired within us a moment of intimacy where we experienced some intense heart time.

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  1. Sirrah Eiram
    Sirrah Eiram says:

    you guys are so inspirational!

  2. Carter
    Carter says:

    They got the grown n sexy playful vibe mos def. Love their videos

  3. atoy
    atoy says:

    You two beautiful souls are sooo insightful….thankyou for sharing as always!!!

  4. Osun Sade
    Osun Sade says:

    *Smiles* You all keep a smile on my face with your love..Thanks for sharing fam. Creators bliss…13

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