Can You See Being With The Same Person Forever???

VIDEO: What do you feel when you ponder the idea of being with your partner forever? Is there overwhelming excitement or are you muddled in misery? This question is designed to give you a gut check…so take a second to check in with yourself and see how you really feel about ya’ll.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Love is the greatest gift that we can give to one another. With that being said, if you're blessed to find a person who is willing to give himself/herself to you for a lifetime, take that persons hand and never think about leaving them.

  2. Teesha
    Teesha says:

    yall's chemistry is palpable. yes i can see being with my boo forever. I love me some hubby : )

  3. Mrs. Jones
    Mrs. Jones says:

    Yes, I can difinately see myself with one person for the rest of my life.

  4. Pat K.
    Pat K. says:

    I've already decided that my husband is the only man for me. He would make another brother look silly, and it would be cruel to put a fella in that situation. This brother is like fine wine. He gets better with time…like a Timex, he takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. I won't be going for round two with someone else.

    But to speak as a person who looks at the bigger picture, I believe this question reveals our current issues with marriage and family in the black community. We don't want to keep anyone or anything forever! When it gets real, we get lost. I won't talk about us too bad, because it is what we've been taught. However, we need to do a new thing, and get on with the business of establishing strong marriages and families.

    I love this site, because Ayize & Aiyana break down some of the issues that keep us from having marital and family success. KEEP DOIN' WHAT YOU'RE DOIN'!!! Love you both!

  5. stag do newcastle
    stag do newcastle says:

    Every night I will have a dream, or a nightmare, and it would be completely different. But the same person, a person I know well, is in every single one of them. Why is he there?

  6. tracyann
    tracyann says:

    I think so because I am in love with my new relationship now. However if time says that I can be with the other man then maybe destiny will tell.
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  7. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    i am madly in love with my man and I emphatically say Yes. You guys are so inspiring. I Love yall.

  8. brenda
    brenda says:

    this is an excellent question. To be real if I were to honestly answer that my answer would be NO!!

  9. Kenya
    Kenya says:

    Forever! ooh wee! no just kidding. Interestingly, I've pondered this question myself after I recently got engaged. At times, I find myself saying, "I don't know if I can be with someone forever." I wonder if I will grow tired of the person just as we grow tired of an old pair of shoes, an old house, or anything old. I believe the key is to keep it refreshed and it takes work as we hear all of the time. But think about it, how exciting is it when we remodel a house, or fix a broken heal to look new again, or paint those white that needed a vibrant color for enjoyment? I believe our perception of being with someone forever can be compared in a similar way.

    I dated a guy a few years ago who I wanted to marry and he didn't want to be married. We had a wonderful relationship and he is one person I envisioned being with forever. The feelings that I had for him, I do not have for my current boyfriend and I think that speaks volume. When it comes down to it, I believe "You know, when you know!"

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