Relationships Rule The World

VIDEO: Remember C.R.E.A.M.? Ok, maybe…maybe not. But, when WuTang dropped this acronym many people wholeheartedly embraced the mantra and made money their PRIORITY. Many people excluded the value in their current situations and elevated money to a reserved space of exclusivity. Society does the same thing with sex. Herein lies the problem…we think Money or Sex rule the world when really…Relationships Rule The World. So, if relationships rule the world shouldn’t they be the things we focus on, nurture, and protect most? If you’re trying to get to a certain level of success what is the most reliable and solid way to get there? Relationships. From the relationships with our loved ones to the relationships at work—when we take time to be intentional about giving to our relationships we are rewarded beyond expectation. Can’t see it? Check out our viewpoint on this and let us know what you think.