My Man’s The Best There Ever Was But I’m Leaving

VIDEO: There is a reason for every relationship we have in our lives. We believe the reason for every relationship is to somehow and some way help you GROW!!!! Sometimes these relationships are painful and sometimes these relationships are pleasant…..either way there is value. Take the value, the lessons learned in your relationship, and show gratitude…..even if it’s time for you to leave this relationship behind. Here, we give our view on a situation where a young lady writes in basically saying her man is wonderful….yet she plans to leave. Check out the details of this situation and leave a comment with what you think.

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  1. Airlie Beach Resorts
    Airlie Beach Resorts says:

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  2. Katrina
    Katrina says:

    Yall work really well together. I love the Ma'ats

  3. dana
    dana says:

    his actions are communicating something, she needs to talk to him to find out what he's saying. be prepared for whatever he might say, and don't get emotional.maybe he's not romantically interested in her, but enjoys her friendship. also, she should take her time jumping into another relationship.

  4. EbonyLoveAndMarriage
    EbonyLoveAndMarriage says:

    I love it when you two praise each other!! Thumbs UP!!

  5. Tae Queen
    Tae Queen says:

    i subbed i love this show i love you guys and your relationship is like a beacon you guys are inspiring, that said your show and advice is off the chain as well!!!

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