‘Gay For Stay’ – The Man You’re Sleeping With May Not Be Who You Think He Is

Fresh from the hoosegow, a virile young ex-con returns home with newfound sexual habits that threaten his relationships and the health of the women he loves.

What happens when your husband/boyfriend is incarcerated for an extended period of time? Does he become “priestly”? Or does he adapt to his surroundings? Filmmaker, Rod Gailes OBC, addresses these questions and more in a provocative, jaw-dropping 12-minute short.

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  1. Jay
    Jay says:

    This is a sad concern, that is unfortunately plaguing our African American communities. Sometimes guys just aren't honest with themselves, so they can't become honest with others. As beautiful African American sisters develop a sense of self, we begin to understand that love is about Godly values, respect, honor, and compassion, not just sex! Being single and OK with the situation is something we must learn quickly, because it allows us to walk away from the BS~! FOR REAL! Ladies, when a man can't give you no "get right" and doesn't respect and cherish what God has given him, it's not worth it and run like your LIFE dependent on it!

  2. Tania
    Tania says:

    Oh my goodness…this is so sad and I know this happens all the time. I agree with Pat. We have to WAKE UP!!!!!!

  3. Pat K.
    Pat K. says:

    What a wonderful portrayal of the drama that goes down in too many of our communities across the nation!
    This film shouts, "Wake Up, My Sisters"!

    God bless everyone that had something to do with the writing and making of this film! I pray that my sisters will begin to love themselves enough to turn down a brother who's got these issues. We've got enough situations in life to overcome, without adding this one to the list.

  4. Black Coffee
    Black Coffee says:

    Damn this was DEEP!!!!

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