Give Away! Win Self Esteem Boosting Book & Tee From Mom Author: “Mama When Will I Be Popular?”

By Team BLAM

We are soooo excited! We had the awesome opportunity of interviewing Thomasina Johnson, author of the inspiring book “Mama, When Will I Be Popular”. Thomasina is not just an author, but a wife and mother of 7 beautiful children which she homeschools. She currently attends college in her “spare time” to receive a degree in journalism and is also very active in her local community.

Thomasina, has been writing since she was a child. Her short stories and poems were always the delight of her life. She sought refuge in a pen and paper, to express any and all emotions of her life. Thomasina also openly admits that she has had to struggle with her fair share of “bullies” in one form or another. That is what brought her to a place where she can encourage her own children as well as others to “hang in there, life gets better and makes you stronger.”

Read on to get an inside look at this Super Woman Wife, Mom, & Author as BLAM got up close & personal to find out where the inspiration behind the book comes from.

BLAM: Please tell us a little about yourself, who you are, and what you do.

Thomasina: My name is Thomasina Johnson, I am a wife of 11 years and mother to 7 beautiful children and a published children’s book author. I write books that inspire!

BLAM: I know you’ve been writing since you were a child. Have you always wanted to write books for children?

Thomasina: Actually no, I started writing poems and eloquent letters. Ha,ha,ha

Writing was my refuge a means of expressing feelings. It wasn’t until I had children that I felt the need to tell their stories and reach them and others through mine.

BLAM: What is your book “Mama, When will I be popular?” about?

Thomasina: “Mama, When will I be Popular” is about a young girl who triumphs over teasing, through the loving insightful words of her mom. The message is you can make it past this stage in your life and you don’t have to focus on your here and now letting it change who you are. But you can be stronger because of it and build character that you will take with you in your future.

BLAM: You openly admit that you have had to struggle with your fair share of “bullies” in one form or another. Are some of your past experiences reflected in the book?

Thomasina: Definitely! I have been the odd one and I was greatly impacted by the hurtful words. The page that reads:

“I’m too short. Too tall. Too big. Too small. My hair is not pretty to the other kids at all”.

I wanted to reach every girl with that. I have been all of those things! Sometimes we can be made to think nothing about us is good enough. I have been there too many times.

BLAM: The title alone lets us know that this isn’t your average children’s book. Why is it important to you to encourage and empower children in their struggles?

Thomasina: Because I know where they have been, children are very literal. And they tend to think that their current circumstance is all they have to hope for. It hurts me to share this, but I was blessed… I attempted suicide at 12, because I couldn’t cope. Thankfully I was not successful. I want to give children a glimmer of hope. So they will look at themselves different. They will view others different. And we will all gain a greater appreciation for one another.

BLAM: Wow..your story is truly a testimony. As adults and parents, we sometimes overlook the things that our children are dealing with and going through. How can parents and adults better connect with their children so that they know they have someone to go to when times get tough?

Thomasina: Never ignore the signs. WE know our kids. And we know when something is wrong. Don’t ignore your intuition. Stay involved with them and be on their team. Don’t allow someone else to be on your child’s team more than you. Reach them when they are young. If they are older keep the door open. Let them know after others are done with them that they can always come home.

BLAM: How can people buy your book and connect with you?

Thomasina: I have a website I have a face book page

And my handle on twitter is

BLAM: Well, thank you so much Thomasina for talking with us and for being willing to use your past hurt and pain to bring healing, wisdom, and love to others. You are truly an example of what it means (as we say here at BLAM) to “Stop Playing & Start Pushing.”

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  1. Janae
    Janae says:

    I would really love to win this give away! I just completed undergrad and my daughter Janaea (age 7, see cute pic… ) has been majorly supportive of me the whole four years. She has had such a tough time with her reading though, so I decided to change her to a school better interested in meeting her needs. However, she worries about being popular and feeling less advanced than her peers, but I tell her that everyone knows that she can read and that she has to keep trying. This past summer I built her a book collection as my gift to her for being so patient with me, and I think this would fit in perfect.

  2. Carla
    Carla says:

    I looove this! This is an excellent story! I want to get this for my niece. Keepig my fingers crossed!

  3. Eddie
    Eddie says:

    I think this would be a great gift for my daughter. She's having a tough time fitting in as the new kid on the block.

  4. Nia
    Nia says:

    It's such a blessing to see that you used your pain to bless others. Thank you for having the vision Thomasina

  5. Verna
    Verna says:

    This is too cute. I don't have any children but I can definitely identify

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