Grandma Says She Wants Some Dick for her 100th Birthday! Is She Keepin It 100 Or Gone Too Far?

By Aiyana Ma’at
Ok, so I saw this  video on FB and I have to admit there’s not a whole lot that surprises or gets to me. Some folks were amused. Some said “Go Granny!” and others were disturbed and said something is really wrong here.
I thought ….”Hey, she may not have had any in a really long time and that’s what she wants…..some _____. And at 100 years of age—she can say exactly what she wants.
And how refreshing it was to for me to see this video. So many of us don’t stand in our true feelings, keep it real and strive to be 100% authentic.
Granny taught a lesson today.  It’s better to be honest and fully yourself then half-ass it while you try to meet other folks expectations of you!