HELP!! I’m Caught In A Love Triangle

Are you dating two women or two men at the same time?  Do you feel like your biological clock is ticking and you’re stressing over which love interest to settle down with? Guess what…you are not alone.   A viewer wrote in saying that he’s in a relationship with 2 women. He likes each woman for different reasons but wants to settle down with one. Listen in as we help him work through his dilemma.

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  1. cahwchambhazpu
    cahwchambhazpu says:

    enjoying it 100%.

  2. Pat K.
    Pat K. says:

    How'd you like it if these sistah's do this to you, brother man? What if they were sizing you up, next to another brother who has it goin' on in the area of looks, who makes more money than you do, and whose sincere desire is to marry and be faithful. You'd be beat!

    I pray that no children are involved or conceived in this sick scenario! Our schools and communities are already full to the brim with unsupervised Johnnys and Janeishas, whose parents played this game with one another! Had your car stolen lately? One of them did it! They've gotten tired of searching for their self worth in broken homes where nobody gives a damn about them! They've gone out into the community to wreck havoc because they're angry at having to start life with such a deficit!

    The personality characteristics of a person who would do this type of thing to another human being are not complementary with what's needed to sustain a marriage. You've come to the table too soon, my brother. Go back and do the personal work required to show up ready for love. Hint: it ain't about getting, it's about giving!

  3. Jenony Jennifer Lopez
    Jenony Jennifer Lopez says:

    Do not play with Aiyana Ma'at she just told the real truth. I think he needs to work on his self and wonder why he has to be with two women. Does he have a fear of being alone? Where is the commitment? So when he get married and she falls short will he go out side the marriage to feel whole?

  4. information213
    information213 says:

    Giiiiiiirrrrrrrrrlllll, you hit it right on the nail! Let um know!?

  5. nuumskee
    nuumskee says:

    The problem with society is greed, and selfishness. Integrity has? gone out the window & is not scene or used with pride. Everyone wants MORE…NOW… the second a challenged comes their way they are looking out the door. The struggle, grind. the journey is not cherished it's despised. This man like most wants it all and his cake too… Like a child he wants all the new toys & his neighbors. He wants 100% from them but is only giving 50% or LESS back in return. He needs help not a mate.

  6. bernadettelsmith
    bernadettelsmith says:

    "They complete me." What? If I was single, I wouldn't want this guy. Who wants? an incomplete mate? Come to the table whole.

  7. bnb4dark
    bnb4dark says:

    I think both of you are right, it's just that Ayize speakin from the male point? of view(dude want answers) and you see the bigger picture and more "long range" areas of improvement(by saying he need to get his self together) for if he does not learn from this, he is doomed 2 repeat it. love yo channel. can't wait until my class start on the 19th

  8. Liluho2004
    Liluho2004 says:

    wow this is a well know issues, but i think people need to understand that people come with flaws and all but the best thing is to be honest and tell both people how you feel? so that way they not in a blue and you never know what one is willing to do to please the other person but only if its worth it. but he need to take time to himself to think about what he really want and he need to chose one or none at all

  9. jetblankink
    jetblankink says:

    Sister smashed it once again!… The Brother cannot choose which is why he is asking YOU both to choose for him. It's a cop out, he knows what he should do. If that brother picked one of those two sisters, he sounds so weak that he will probably still continue to see the other on the QT. That Brother got to come clean and work on his self.? Other than that, he should turn muslim and marry and support both!

  10. Nashville
    Nashville says:

    Great Head? dress!!! Love the new show, Sister!

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