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Brother Jamil’s Music Moment

Salaams, Y’all…This is a beautiful and rare example of the quintessential NEW YORK voices of Little Anthony and The Imperials, blended with the early Bell/Creed Sound of PHILADELPHIA…Listen to the drum patterns define the unmistakeable Philly groove behind the soaring skyline of Little Anthony’s Gotham-bred vocals. Two great traditions = one great record! Can you dig it?

Brother Jamil Muhammad is a dedicated Marriage Educator and an avid fan of music in all its forms. He created the award-winning couples’ curriculum “Making Music in Your Marriage” and is committed to the use of music to put and keep passion and excitement in your marriage (reach him or at 202 696 5150

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  1. Corey
    Corey says:

    I can dig it!

  2. Sincere
    Sincere says:

    There ain't nothin like good music

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