Houston Parents Reunited With Children In New Home After Their Children Were Taken By CPS

By Team BLAM

Several weeks ago we introduced the BLAM Fam to the Leonard family in Houston which had the unfortunate experience of CPS aggressively inserting themselves in their lives and removing their 6 children from a storage shed that they called home.  Many of you expressed outrage and frustration over the fact that it seemed apparent that this family was being penalized because of poverty, which is not a sufficient reason for child removal.  While others intimated that if the children weren’t “properly” taken care of then they should’ve been removed.

The simultaneous cry of anger, disappointment, and frustration with CPS seems to have shaken the tree a little bit because a Family Court Judge has ordered that the children be reunited with their parents after having been away from them for several weeks.

We’ve spoken with the father (Prince Leonard) on numerous occasions and he has expressed a sense of relief that his family is back together.  He’s fully aware that struggles still lie ahead as he and his wife endeavor to improve their current economic condition.  Fortunately they were blessed with a “new” house by a “good samaritan” which will hopefully help them to restore some sense of normalcy to their lives and heal from the agony and hell of having their children removed from their home.

We will be conducting a phone interview with Mr. and Mrs. Leonard tonight (8/5/11) to give them an opportunity to tell their story and provide information for those who want to financially help them achieve some stability.  I wouldn’t wish what they went through on anybody, and I know it would be a blessing to them if you could help…anyway you can.

For more details…you can listen to the interview on our site beginning on Monday 8/8/11.

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  1. Patricia Knight
    Patricia Knight says:

    Parents should not be separated from their children because of economic/financial hardship. The parents just needed some help. God bless you, Ma'ats for publicizing their story and assisting in getting them the help to get their little ones back!

  2. Yolanda
    Yolanda says:

    Yayyy! This is exciting. I know they are breathing a huge sigh of relief. Thanks for keeping us informed Ma'ats

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