How To Manifest A Soul Mate

by Arielle Ford I first became a believer in Feng Shui more than a dozen years ago when I moved into a new home in a new city. I had Feng Shui master come to my house to advise me on everything from which room to use as my office, to where to place the furniture, mirrors, plants, artwork, bells, chimes, etc.

Within months of moving into this home, and following his recommendations, I saw my career and finances skyrocket. Within two years, I met my soul mate. I don’t claim to understand how it works, but it’s worked for me (and most of my friends) and I believe there are some very useful “feng shui” things to do when preparing to manifest a soul mate.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese science that has many branches and is practiced in a number of ways. It means Wind and Water. The basic essence of Feng Shui is to create positive flow of energy throughout your home. With the use of a “Bagua” (which is classically an octagon shape, and in some modern form schools of Feng Shui is presented as a map or grid that is similar to a tick tack tow board, each home or room is divided in eight main areas of “guas.” They include: Wisdom & Self Knowledge, Career, Helpful People & Travel, Children & Creativity, Fame & Reputation, Wealth & Prosperity, Health & Family, and of course love and marriage.

One of the main tenants of Feng Shui is related to eliminating clutter. By eliminating clutter we remove blocks to love and increase the flow of positive energy. Just as we focus on eliminating the clutter from our minds and hearts, we must also remove the physical clutter from our homes in order to manifest a soul mate.

I believe it’s important to create “space” in your home (and especially in your bedroom) by making and keeping some free space in the closet. It’s also helpful to keep the night stand on “their” side of the bed clear and empty so that when person arrives, he or she can fill it with their own personal items. Creating this type of space in your home sends a clear and specific message to the Universe that you are ready for someone to join your life and share your bedroom.

If you find that you are resistant to making room for your soul mate in your closets it may be a sign that you are not ready for your soul mate in your life. By creating physical space in your home (and your heart) you are putting out a “cosmic welcome mat.” So if you come across some resistance, use it as an opportunity to do deeper, more emotional work to overcome the blocks you may still have.

Arielle Ford knows that finding true love is possible for anyone at any age if you’re willing to prepare yourself, on all levels, to become a magnet for love. She met her soulmate at 44 and has been happily married for over 12 years. Visit her at

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