How Well Do You Know Your Spouse?

By Sheri and Bob Stritof

Your relationship is not DEAD! It is living, breathing, and requires your time, attention, and love in order to be successful.  In order for this to occur it’s important that you make yourself “available” to your spouse and endeavor to create a “safe space” so that your spouse will feel more comfortable being “available” to you.

No matter how long you’ve been together, there are always more things to learn about one another.  Knowing more about your spouse may assist you in taking your relationship to the next level.

If the two of you disagree on some of these statements, talk about them in more depth. You may find that you will just have to agree to disagree now and then!

I prefer red wine to white wine.

I squeeze toothpaste from the bottom of the tube.

Valentine’s Day is important to me.

I prefer cats to dogs for house pets.

I do not want animals as house pets.

I enjoy cooking.

~ ~ ~ ~

I think it is OK to ask our parents for advice in financial matters.

I prefer waterbeds to regular beds.

Quality time to me is the two of us alone.

I want children right away – at least within the first three years.

It is all right for a couple to live together before marriage.

I would like to have a child of my own sex even if it means trying again after we have reached the number of children that we have agreed on.

~ ~ ~ ~

I want a one level house.

I like to tell gross jokes.

I would be open to adoption if we can’t conceive children on our own.

Smoking bothers me.

We will mutually decide on our children’s names.

I prefer reading to watching TV.

~ ~ ~ ~

It is OK to charge things like clothes, travel and other expenses on charge cards and carry the credit balance for a few months before paying it off.

Hair left on soap in the shower bothers me.

I enjoy improving my home with paintings, sculptures, etc.

I like apples more than oranges.

I like my home to be a place where friends gather informally.

I obey the posted speed limit.

~ ~ ~ ~

I would shower together with my spouse.

I’m an impulsive spender.

I believe we will save more than $200 from our income each month.

It is important that we eat dinner together as a family.

I would not mind vacationing by myself sometimes.

I would enjoy visiting an art museum.

~ ~ ~ ~

My fiance will say that I get along well with his/her parents.

I see nothing wrong with the man being the primary cook in our house.

I don’t like anyone to use my pen.

I would rather be cremated than buried.

We should make a will within six months of marriage.

I would be willing to move to advance my spouse’s career.

~ ~ ~ ~

I save recyclable materials.

Both of us should work after we have children.

The most important thing we can give our children is security.

I like to watch TV in bed.

I would prefer attending a party to reading.

I enjoy dinner by candlelight.

~ ~ ~ ~

Asking for a date is only a man’s prerogative.

We will open our gifts on Christmas Eve.

I am sometimes the life of the party.

I feel comfortable discussing sex.

I believe that clothes should be separated by fabric and/or color before washing.

I believe prayer is an important part of my life.

~ ~ ~ ~

I like beards on men.

There is a correct way to hang toilet paper.

I like to watch sports on TV.

I like meat and potatoes better than casserole.

I believe that clothes should be line-dried rather than machine dried.

Good sex ends in mutual climax.

~ ~ ~ ~

I enjoy country music.

Religious training is important for children.

We will open a joint bank account.

I like ketchup on eggs.

I believe regular church attendance is important.

I believe that the toilet should be covered by the lid when not in use.

~ ~ ~ ~

If there is something between us we should talk it out before having sex.

I enjoy dinner by candlelight.

I prefer to live in a condo or apartment rather than an individual house.

I prefer comedy movies to horror movies.

It will be OK to borrow money from our parents if we need to.

I enjoy classical music.

~ ~ ~ ~

Religion should play an important part in one’s life.

When I get mad, I need time to cool down, then I can talk.

Excessive drinking is always unacceptable.

The word later can mean more than one day.

I prefer chocolate much more than vegetables.

I think it is OK to call mom once a day to chat and see how things are going.

~ ~ ~ ~

I am more of a leader than a follower.

Sex is the most important factor in a successful relationship.

I find profanity in a social gathering objectionable.

We will both be involved in cooking, house cleaning, laundry and yard work.

I believe that prayers are answered.

Infidelity is grounds for divorce.

~ ~ ~ ~

I like to sleep in the nude.

I believe we both should have life insurance and should buy it asap.

It is important that we attend church together on a regular basis.

I want a pet.

We will have sex whenever I want to.

Warmth and affection are important in a happy marriage.

Sheri and Bob Stritof have been the Marriage experts since 1997. They’ve been married for 47 years and bring firsthand experience and passion to their writing about marriage.

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