I Just Found Out My Man Is HIV Positive And A Pedophile

VIDEO: Hello, I have me a nice young man and from the beginning we clicked.  He brought up sex and I said no sex before marriage because I’ve been there and done that.  I have a beautiful 18yrd old daughter that means the world to me. ..anyway so his reply was okay lets get married and we will get to know each other better afterwards.  To be honest it had me thinking should i or shouldnt I? After that I ran across a conversation between him and two of his family members and they were all in a heated argument and the two family members stated that he is HIV/AIDS POSITIVE AND ALSO A PEDOPHILE.  I was stunned by what i was reading.  He does stay sick a lot and he doesn’t look too healthy, but he’s a really nice guy.  My question is I dont how to bring it up to ask him and I definitely need to pump the brakes from him meeting my daughter or coming to my home before i know the TRUTH.  PLEASE HELP WHAT TO DO? And to add to everything he’s taking on to my daughter way too fast. I’ve only let them speak on the phone..and one day he offered to pick her up from college without me present. I said oh no if i let you pick her up it will be with me.  He didnt have a problem with it but it was just strange to me that he even asked. I need some answers i dont want to drag it out any longer and hurt his feelings.





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19 replies
  1. ZEEN
    ZEEN says:

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  2. Dora
    Dora says:

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  3. @KeeKeeAlNatural
    @KeeKeeAlNatural says:

    O-o Lord…..REALLY? I have the same concerns the rest of yall have, WHY IS SHE SO QUICK TO JUMP THE BROOM WITH A STRANGER? Is being with someone more important than common since? I am not trying to judge or bash this woman because people have many reasons why they do the things they do. However, marriage is a serious commitment and is hard enough as it is even with someone you are madly in love with. I wonder have she seen the Oprah series, "Who the heck did I marry?"…..people are crazy out here. I am with Aiyana, she need to STOP PLAYING & START PUSHING! Get the heck out that situation ASAP! She needs therapy to figure out why is she so quick to marry a stranger.

  4. Kiki
    Kiki says:

    the fact that said "ok. lets get married FIRST and THEN get to know each other" should have made u run. what kindda crap is that?? His mind was SOLELY on sex. Its MARRIAGE, not trial and error. He just wanted to get some REAL BAD and didnt care HOW (probably BECAUSE HE'S HIV POSITIVE )
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  5. Ryanne
    Ryanne says:

    Sista you need to get the hell up out that relationship….protect yourself..BUT most importantly protect your child.

  6. Brother John
    Brother John says:

    This is one of those thing where people put aside their brains as if God never had a reason for putting it in a safe case. It feels terrible to even ask the question after you have got enough clues that this was pathetically wrong from the beginning.

    #1. He could have infected you with his virus (is that real love?)
    #2. He's hideous – keeping truth away from you
    #3. Why is he getting close to your 18-yr old daughter and not to you
    #4. Nice doesn't mean Godly
    #5. If you were to advice a friend, would you recommend such a man?

    Now, I am not condemning the man because of his past, but because it is a cause for concern and will endanger your life, he should have laid it all on the table from the outset; he should have told you everything about his negative past and give you space and time to make up your mind, but here it is he wants to rush you!

    Yes sister, RUN!!!

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  7. Suzie
    Suzie says:

    Um…no. Easy answer. Run……far away! Smh

  8. Essence
    Essence says:

    I’m wondering why this woman is asking this question! I’m wondering if this mans days are numbered and that’s why he’s rushing this. Is her & her daughters life not worthy? I pray that she wakes up and smell the coffee, roses, bacon whatever it is to wake up! If it doesn’t seem right to you then why even consider it. You knew something wasn’t right which is why he’s never been to your home or met your daughter. And I agree with everyone else…run away! And like the Ma’ats say STOP PLAYIN (cuz you know you need to) & START PUSHING (for you & your daughter)

  9. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    Girl, you need to be running like you have gasoline panties on. You don't need to think long and hard on anything about this situation.

    • Jakki
      Jakki says:

      Lol..RUnnnnnnnH, I hear that!!!

  10. 20 and Engaged
    20 and Engaged says:

    That's beyond scary! She should run and not look back. There's really no explaining things like that, and for him to try to move so fast it's very sneaky. You know the answers. Trust your instinct.
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    • Sherita A. Hall
      Sherita A. Hall says:

      Oh HELL TO THE NO! There's nothing nice about a pedophile! Darling, are you THAT desperate for a man?! You KNOW the answer, sugar..RUN LIKE HELL! Run as if you were Shug Avery trying to get to Celie before she sliced Mr.'s throat! Don't be no fool, baby!

  11. Brooke
    Brooke says:

    Yes, Ma'ats! Stop playing and start pushing!!!! As women we get so caught up with a marriage proposal that we can sometimes lose our head. All the signs are there that this dude is not the one.

    1) Never marry anyone you don't know! Marriage is serious. You don't get to know a person after you say I do. You do everything you can to know them before you join for the rest of your lives. I have to question your level of seriousness about any marriage, yet alone, one to this guy. There are just too many people getting married all willy nilly, and I would like to ask that you really explore what it means to be married before you consider joining with anyone.

    2) If you or your child is in danger, what's the hold up with finding out and addressing the issue head on. So what if you were snooping, so what if you don't trust him. Don't allow any of the superficial rhetoric people say about "trusting" the person you are with or "respecting boundaries" to creep into this conversation. It doesn't apply here. No Benefit of the doubt is going to be useful when you are in serious danger.

    3) Nice guy???? Nice guy???? Anyone can act like anything for a limited period of time. Please don't be fooled.

    4) You are valuable! I think this is the part that you are missing. Treat yourself like you are the precious gift that you are. You don't need to ask anyone's advice or permission to love yourself first.
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  12. faynadia
    faynadia says:

    y'all are a match made in heaven ..good to see a beautiful black? couple

  13. lapsassa1
    lapsassa1 says:

    ugh… as if one of theses two issues wouldn't already be enough.

    Plus: He seems to be rushing her – this is VERY awkward!!! It looks as if he really has something to hide. She should try to get away and find a? partner who doesnt't fear the "time investment" it needs for really getting to know someone.

  14. ILoveToScrub
    ILoveToScrub says:

    oh heck no.

    That's right. She KNOWS the answers. Forget getting answers from HIM. He had every right to set you straight in the beginning.

    Also WAY TOO MUCH "funniness" going on. Somethign is just not right. GET OUT BEFORE YOU GET IN DEEPER. RUN!!!!!!!!!! and let him know that he is NOT TO CONTACT YOUR DAUGHTER. She is your priority, not this man't feelings. Better be safe than sorry with your daughter.

    RUN!!!!! BURN RUBBER!!! GET TO HECK? OUTA THERE!!!! got it??

  15. pearshape11
    pearshape11 says:

    I can't believe she even asked this question.? Girl run and don't look back

  16. Nappy Naturally
    Nappy Naturally says:

    …run? like hell and get some counseling to help you with your self esteem/self worth

  17. Ivake Asia
    Ivake Asia says:

    Really…she needs help with this problem?? Forget HIS feelings!

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