Husband And Wife ‘Debate’ About Natural Hair Management

VIDEO:  In this video we reflect on a little friendly dinner time debate about natural hair management.  Ayize is sick and tired of Aiyana lamenting over the process of doing their daughters hair.  Ayize’s stance is, “If you’re gonna whine about doing it…then don’t do it”……Aiyana’s stance is “Just because I vent my frustration over the process…doesn’t mean I need to abandon the process”.  Listen in and see where this conversation goes….especially since we’re having this conversation over a glass of wine.

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    • Ayize
      Ayize says:

      Jackie you're funny LOL

  1. Terri
    Terri says:

    Yall are crazy!!! Aiyana I'm feelin' you sis.

  2. Keesha
    Keesha says:

    From a wife with loc's, with TWO daughters with loc's, and a hubby with loc's..ok…love the "natural side of life"..but ONLY GOD KNOWS THE PAIN!!! No maintenance?? Not an option!! We aren't straight Rastafarian's, so I maintain, and it's sooooooooo hard, time consuming, constant, and worth it all at the same time. Like I tell my hubby…we're gonna have to take it to the shop for maintenance REAL SOON…lol this is NOT my ministry!!…love yall & keep sippin;)…life's too short..

  3. Loretta
    Loretta says:

    Y'all are too funny!

  4. Lutchie
    Lutchie says:

    I know most couples have a debate about certain things and I think it is healthy for the relationship with each other…
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  5. J Murrell
    J Murrell says:

    I love to see you two having fun. Aiyana is right having natural hair is somewhat of a chore but it's worth it 🙂

  6. epd
    epd says:

    i normally enjoy you guys and this is a good topic….but aiyana you are quite annoying in this video and all over the place..maybe re visit this topic when you are your intelligent articulate self

  7. B Nelson
    B Nelson says:

    OMG…I so understand Aiyanna…not doing it is NOT an option 🙂 Whew, natural hair requires just as much if not more maintenance 🙂 And this is coming from someone with Locs and my daughter has Locs…still a lot of work! LOL But, I wouldn't change it for the world 🙂

  8. BnB4Dark
    BnB4Dark says:

    Weekend, couple talk
    ova wine
    get real deep
    What's up Fam?

  9. Pat K.
    Pat K. says:

    I hear you loud and clear, Ayanna! I process things the same way you do! My husband does NOT get why I have to talk about (in ways that are not always positive) tasks that I perform on a regular basis. He will hand me the phone, so I can call one of my girlfriends, though. I process most aspects of parenting in this same manner. It doesn't mean that I will cease the particular task, but I sure do want someone to listen when I talk about all the changes I have to go through to get it done!! Other women are great for this.

    You two are great. You show the real side of marriage. Men and women handle things very differently, and it can be frustrating, but you use humor and honesty and give solutions that work! Thanks for being such a great example to us married black folks.

  10. Lanlande
    Lanlande says:

    Lol that wine was doing ya good

  11. Sherly12
    Sherly12 says:

    Hair is the crown beauty of a woman and it provides a kind of beauty to all of us, that's why respect must flows upon the partners in different factors…
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  12. Divine Studies
    Divine Studies says:

    Love yall kool humor.

  13. chokolytedelite
    chokolytedelite says:

    What kind of wine are you drinking? I want some! lol I have 3 daughters, 2 who are natural as am I. My oldest just recently asked me to relax her hair. And although I didn't want to, I chose to give in because she's at the age where she's coming into her own sense of style. Anyway, my Sundays are on lock because I am doing three heads of hair ALL day. Natural hair, although beautiful and awesome, requires maintenance just as any other. In the end, everyone appreciates a beautiful head of hair.

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