ILLEGAL BUTT INJECTIONS: When Low Self Esteem Turns Into A Nightmare

By Ayize Ma’at


Love yourself.  Love yourself.  Love yourself.  Stop looking externally for validation, approval, recognition, celebration, adoration, etc. The source of truly lasting peace and love exists within.  Ladies go within and learn to cherish you.  You are o.k. just as you are.  You are beautiful just as you are.  You are imperfectly perfect JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE.  So just STOP IT!!! STOP all the negative self talk, the pity party, the blues singing.  Go to the mirror right now…look into your eyes and say “I Love Me”.  The more you say it the further you move away from doing something foolish like the woman below.  Ladies love yourself.  Check out the story below.




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  1. saplinklizo
    saplinklizo says:

    like it.

  2. Pat K.
    Pat K. says:

    These heartbreaking issues are so prevalent in our community! It's why we let brothers disrespect us, and consider it no big thing. We need a healing and deliverance from this type of foolishness. We need to examine our relationships with men and other women and if they don't affirm us, we must do the work (in some), and let others go. When we don't truly love ourselves, we hurt ourselves, and everyone who depends on us. Our girls grow up learning these sad tales and often repeat them.

    It is unnatural to not love what God has made. May God forgive us and help us to find our way back to the abundant life that He wants for us.

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