Is It My Phone Or Our Phone?

By Untouchable Gary

So I posed an interesting question yesterday about whether people would let their significant others answer their phones even if they had nothing to hide.  As expected it received a mixed variety of reviews from both males and females.

Surprisingly,  the growing consensus was YES they would allow their wife/husband or boyfriend/girlfriend to answer their phone with no reservations about. Some expressed that if you have nothing to hide then what’s the problem or that there should be no secrets between them. Another that I found cute was “well if I’m closer to it than they are then why not answer for them?”

If y’all know me by now then you know my response was like “What the HELL ARE Y’ALL THINKING!” Once you lose that little piece of privacy your S.O will want more. I even heard that if their phone is always on vibrate then they must be hiding something. Well maybe they are just tired of hearing the damn thing ring all the time. However, I will admit that if their phone is going off at 1 a.m. and it’s not you then that may be an issue.

Be advised that once they are answering your phone they will go thru text messages (maybe even answer a few), look at your pictures, check your emails (which are tied directly to your phone) and don’t forget about all your social media apps that are live and online. Heaven forbid someone happens to flirt with you that day that you have no earthly interest in, you will be in for quite a headache of questions!

I suggest that you ask before you just volunteer your secretariat services. Most often the answer will be yes anyway…unless they have something to hide. But always respect their privacy!!!

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  1. A.Whitner
    A.Whitner says:

    I dont care who answer my phone.. its not a big deal at all.. I dont do headaches.. if you aint helping pay the bill, you have no voice… true my phone do let me know where their head is at, at times.. But I dont do the phone thing.. Lords knows its folks that call I dont even want to talk to or respond to. And I dont know who he feeling that way towards or about .. I do good to answer my own..

  2. diaryofasagittarius
    diaryofasagittarius says:

    My phone is my personal property just like my mail. You do not have access to my phone and I don't want access to yours. If you are hiding something it will reveal itsself. If there is something that you are concerned about we can talk about it. Other that than its MY PHONE!!!!
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  3. tracyann
    tracyann says:

    Funny post but brings sense to anyone that are involved in relationship. For me the phone must be for you two because if you are honest to your girl then she must know all the things that involved in you. Thanks for sharing this article to your readers.
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  4. Shaye
    Shaye says:

    Funny you pose this question b/c I watch my mom answer my dad’s cell phone ALL the time, but that’s the oneness you have when you’ve been married so long…all those irrational, insecure, and immature thoughts are out the window. By the way…HAPPY 43RD ANNIVVERSARY to my lovely parents today. God has definately blessed your union! Loveee you!!!

      • Shaye
        Shaye says:

        Thank you Gary, but my parents have been married a long time and things just don't happen over night – besides, they didn't even have cell phones back when my parents were dating, lol. Seriously, I pray that one day you'll be able to experience that kind of love/trust….and me too! Take care.

    • Pat K.
      Pat K. says:

      You are indeed blessed! Many people just don't understand the dynamics of a faithful union between people who have been married longer than some people have been alive, but you've grown up with it. I praise God for you, the fruit of this blessed union! You, and your siblings (if you have them) have the best chance of a good life because of what your parents have blessed you with. May God continue to bless and prosper your family!

      • Shaye
        Shaye says:

        Thank you, Pat, for your kind words. My two sisters and I feel really blessed. It is amazing to watch the oneness between my parents and really understand what the Bible means when it says that two shall become one. I get that. I read these articles for fun because I know what I've already been taught about relationships just by watching what was/is being modeled to me. May God bless you greatly.

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