INFIDELITY: Understanding The Pain Of Cheating & The Pathway To Healing. No Excuses. Register Today For $10!

By Team BLAM

We are hard at work and  and in the midst of developing several online courses along with various multi-media products to provide you with even deeper examination of the topics you say you want to hear about most. We want you to know that we are listening so please keep on giving us your feedback and we will continue to provide you with the tools needed to achieve pure bliss in your personal life and in your relationships.

Many of you have said you are in desperate need of more dialogue and understanding around the issue of INFIDELITY. Well, we heard you and we’re delivering. Join us for 1 hour on Monday, 11/28 at 8:30pm to delve into this touchy topic. The cost? Just 10 bucks! So, register now.

This course will help you to heal from the pain of infidelity by creating an affirming educational experience that reminds you of your inherent value and helps you realize that YOU WERE NOT THE CAUSE. We will examine the underlying elements of fear, inadequacy, and how a fractured sense of self leads one to step outside of their relationship. In this course we will give you three critical steps you MUST take to move forward whether you remain in the relationship or not. If you are the cheater or the one cheated on ….THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU.

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  1. Femi
    Femi says:

    I enjoy the work that you all do. Ayize you're a positive example of a righteous brotha unashamedly in love.

  2. Trinity
    Trinity says:

    Wow…I need this in my life right now.

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