Is It Superficial Of Me To Not Date A Woman Because She Has A Weave?

Is it o.k. to have a preference for “natural” hair?  Is it superficial to NOT date women who have a weave?  This was the question we received from a viewer recently…. and in this video we share a piece of our personal history as we talk about natural hair, straight hair, kinky hair, weaves, press n curls and more in an attempt to shed some light the fact that the heart of a woman is not her hair.

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  1. Kanesa
    Kanesa says:

    I liked the last part when Aiyana said I'm not even this skin I'm in, I'm spirit. Lovin' that. I concur. 🙂

  2. TheNote2Self
    TheNote2Self says:

    I agree some may miss out but I resent the " I normally dont date women with (insert whatever) but you are the exception" attitude because usually that person has the intention to try to change that person or mold her into want they really want her to be, wear, act etc. Basically if it goes that deep, you dont really accept it you tolerate it until you can change it……

  3. Malika Stone
    Malika Stone says:

    You two are so inspiring. Thank you for these videos!

  4. Rose Reflection
    Rose Reflection says:

    you two are just so pretty

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