Love Your Family And Let Them Know It

By Sharon Rodriguez

I believe in acknowledging my wrongs publicly. Who knows, maybe my mistake will help open someone else’s mind or heart.

Today I went to my God Fathers funeral. It was a beautiful Home going service in honor of a wonderful, loving, God like man who touched many lives. When my own father died 28 years ago I was so hurt and self absorbed that I lost contact with this…my God Family. Big mistake. He, my Godfather was hand picked at my birth to guide me and assist me after my Dad was no longer here. I was just to young, dumb to take advantage of the gift that I was given.

Today I realized that I just lost my other father and to make it even worse I had not been around to love him, hug him, experience him and even learn from him all these years. My children who have no living grandfather would have had one. I feel like I lost my Dad all over again. It hurts.

I will not make that mistake with my God Mother. She is still beautiful, graceful and gracious. She hugged me and said “don’t ever stay away from me again.” I promised that I would not. My name was even in the program. The family that I had not been in contact with for over 25 years still acknowledges me as one of their own.

Don’t wait until it’s to late. Love your family, whether by birth or the chosen ones and let them know it. You never know when the opportunity will be lost for this lifetime.


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  1. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    You spoke the truth on this one. Thanks for the reminder to never take loved ones for granted.

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