Make It Plain. Where Are You Going? Write Down, Edit, & Perfect YOUR Vision.

By Lana Moline

It is now 2012 and I still haven’t won a Pulitzer or saved the world. My efforts haven’t ranked me in who’s who and I haven’t gotten an invitation from Michelle Obama, herself, to the White House to have tea. I haven’t made my first million dollars and my company hasn’t reached fortune 500 status. I shop sales and absolutely could not survive without being on a budget. You want to know why all of these things are so? It’s because we’re not at the end of my story yet.

The goals listed above are on my long list of goals. The invitation from Michelle is on my “great things just happen” list. The point is, I have a few lists that I prioritize. My short-term list of goals are the most immediate goals that I work to accomplish everyday. That list is detailed and includes specifics steps, an agenda and itinerary. My long-term goals are life long goals that are more of categories such as “Professional Goals,” “Personal Development,” etc. Those goals are detailed to an extent because they are redefined the more I grow. What’s important about all of these lists is that they reflect a clear vision for the direction I’d like to go in life. They represent my passions, interests and desires.

Have you defined the vision for your life? If not, start by making a few lists!

Here’s how:

First off, recognize that your lists are personal so don’t feel that anything is silly or that you can’t put whatever you choose on your list. As such, keep them in a place that’s personal. Next, invest in a nice journal. Look for one that speaks to you and says something about who you are. For instance, if you like hiking – find one with a mountain on it. Then give yourself all the time you need to write it out. Factor in genuine areas of interest such as socializing, watching a good movie or your favorite television program but challenge yourself to develop new interests and then find unique ways to make that happen. I usually challenge myself through birthday excitement, one year it was rock climbing and the next year it was skiing. I haven’t decided what the new year’s excitement challenge will be, but I will.

Ultimately what will happen is that you will get to know yourself a lot better and it will probably surprise you. You will also find that other areas of your life will improve as authenticity shines through. A few years back one of my goals in Socializing/Personal Development was to spend time regularly with the people who care about me. By doing this one simple thing, I’ve managed a consistent lunch or girls night out with one of my closest friends in the whole world, spicy date nights with my husband and movie nights with my kids. What I get during those times is the affirmation that I am loved just as I am. It encourages me to keep trying and also lets me see how much I’ve grown.

Write it down and make it plain!

Lana Moline is an integral part of the writing team, freelance writer and poet who lives in Ft. Worth with her three kids and husband Emile. Married 11 years, both media professionals have vowed to maintain integrity in all aspects of print and broadcast journalism.Visit her at Lana Moline Speaks.

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  1. Tanisha
    Tanisha says:

    I have a business that is less than a year old so I foerese this to be a year of great gains and challenges.My business goals are:To steadily build a monthly revenue that can fully support both myself and my partner.To establish our business as the go to for art marketing advice in our local area.To build our seminars and events to the point of being able to support a two-day marketing workshop.To achieve all this we are creating strategies to build our online presence, networking with local art organizations, holding seminars and events to share our knowledge, and generally making ourselves a visible part of the community.We face the challenge of being able to get our brand and message out to enough of our target market, providing the types of services that are most needed and wanted, and growing the business at a pace that we can sustain but also support our goals.All in all I look forward to the challenges and triumphs in the year ahead.

  2. Reese
    Reese says:

    Love this!!!

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