Doing BIG Things In The Name Of Love! Announces Star Writing Team In 2012!

By Team BLAM

Okay, we are soooo excited and we’re excited…and did I say we are hype up in here!!!? We have been building and talking behind the scenes for quite some time now. BLAM has been growing by leaps and bounds with more and more people visiting our site every single month. We knew it was time to expand our team in a very concrete and official way and the movement that is was provided with exactly what was needed in the form of 6 fierce writers who will stop at nothing to get you to Stop Playing & Start Pushing!

At we value REAL LOVE, REAL TALK, & REAL GROWTH AND CHANGE! Every single one of us holds these values close to our heart and take what we do here at BLAM seriously. We are thrilled to have such gifted and prolific writers on our team. Trust us-they are on a mission.

So, what is the writing team’s mission?

Simple. To help people increase their self-awareness and overcome life’s obstacles by challenging us to look within, tell the truth and commit to change.

Through each of us doing our part, we will transform the image and quality of relationships in the African-American community and the nation one commitment at a time!


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  1. @RomiaBlue
    @RomiaBlue says:

    Congrats to my "Brother from another Mother" Ilex Bien-Aime…keep doing ya thanG!

  2. Kamiya
    Kamiya says:

    Congratulations to all the writers! BLAM you all are are really making a difference. I was talking to one of my married friends the other day and was sharing something I learned from one of your articles and she was talking about something she read and you won't believe it but we were both talking about stuff we had gotten from THIS SITE! Please keep doing what you're doing. We need it!!!!

  3. Angel
    Angel says:

    Shucks!!! I should've submitted an article in September when i thought about it.

  4. Tamika
    Tamika says:

    This is awesome!!!! Yall never cease to amaze me. And with 4 kids at that :0) Congrats to all the writers

  5. Barbara Pettis
    Barbara Pettis says:

    I am so excited to see this, every article I read is inspirational and motivating and to see a larger team in place is awesome! Lanette Moline is truly gifted and anointed by God and to add her to the team WOW! Looking forward to a powerful 2012! Keep writing and I will truly keep reading!


  6. Cherelle
    Cherelle says:

    Woww. I'm amazed at all that you are doing. You are an inspiratiob. Did you all put out the word that you were forming a team? Wish I would have known. I really love what you all are doing and would love to be a part of it. Congratulations!

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