Marriage Is For Grown Folks ***FREE AUDIO DOWNLOAD*** In Honor Of Black Marriage Day

What’s up Fam,

By now you’ve probably heard Aiyana’s intense expression of love for Ayize in the below clip:

Or you’ve heard Ayize’s unwavering affirmation of love for Aiyana in the below clip:

Now we’re giving you the ENTIRE first single (which includes all of the mushy stuff  above)………. for FREE : )  We thank you for taking the time to download and listen to our Marriage Is For Grown Folks audio program.  This is the first part of a 3 CD set.  This audio is for anyone who is married, thinking about marriage, wants to know what it takes to be married, or wants to feel good and inspired about their marriage or relationship. You’re gonna feel good after listening to this. You’re gonna want to re-commit to your love after listening to this. You’re gonna want to kiss and cuddle after listening to this. Remember…Marriage Is For Grown Folks yall….and in this audio we’re gonna take you on a journey so you can experience what being in love and being married is all about. Check out the entire audio program by clicking the (ADD TO CART) button below…and get ready to take you and your relationship to the next level.

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