One Of The Biggest Reasons Women Leave Men–It’s Not What You Think

By Virgil J. Sandberg

There are a lot of reasons as to why women leave men. While you may have argued and had fights over different things, you really need to get to the root cause of the problems.

There have been many studies and polls about this issue, and a common response has been found. The most used answer to all the studies and polls of why women leave men was….he never appreciated the things I did for him. This may sound like a simple answer, but think about it.

I am sure you have known women who have put up with a lot of crap without ever thinking about leaving the relationship. This is usually because they feel their one primary emotion, being appreciated.

One thing you need to keep in mind and remember is that women will not stay in a relationship and will leave if they feel that they are not being appreciated.

When a woman stops feeling appreciated the relationship is in serious trouble. If you wonder why women leave men the plain truth is that women want, need and crave appreciation.

This is one of the underlying reasons why cheating is so devastating to a woman. When they find out about the affair, they immediately feel that you have zero appreciation for them.

Another big thing to remember is that if you have been neglecting her, your girl is much more likely to fall prey to another man. Someone who comes in and shows her even the tiniest bit of appreciation can start her thinking about leaving.

If your relationship is in trouble or has ended, and you are wondering what to do now, the very first step is to start letting her know that you appreciate her.

You need to be genuine about this. Women seem to have the ability to know when you are lying to them, and you will end up doing more damage than good if you are just trying to bs them.

You need to do this correctly by not just telling her, you have to show her as well. You need to know what she expects, and how she keeps score.

This is something that is not that difficult to learn. If you want to get her back you have to know not only how to tell her, but to show her as well.

Virgil J. Sandberg is dedicated to helping people who have separated from their lover find a way to get back together. Visit his website at ExBackOnline.comto read more of his work.

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