Ooooh….How My Husband Makes Me Feel

By Aiyana Ma’at

If only my husband could really understand how he makes me feel. He has such power….such an immeasurable and amazing ability to touch parts of me that I didn’t even know existed. If only he could feel just a tenth of how he makes me feel when he takes the time to do the simple small things like add the word “love” to the end of “I’m sorry” or “Are you ok?” or “Do you want some eggs?”. It really doesn’t matter….just the fact that he calls me his “love”….. it makes my heart weak.  I love how he looks at me. How he holds the door for me. How he looks out for me. Oh, how my baby impacts, moves, and shapes me. If only he knew…..

He does it so much. Oftentimes, it seems he does these seemingly small things without even thinking. But, recently he intentionally took the time to do another seemingly small thing and it touched me so much. You see,my birthday recently passed (yay! I’m 21….not!)  Lol. And, my husband gave me a card and took me out on my birthday, celebrated with the kids, etc. But, a few days later he gave me a very special birthday card in which he wrote:

Love of my life,

We fit perfect together. Just the right amount of fire & ice, sweet & spicy, go gettin & chill, confidence & uncertainty, patience & impatience and so on and son on and so on. It’s that blend that has birthed 4 babies, thousands of feel good yummy to my tummy moments, a business, and a belief in the future that will be a million times more brighter than our glowing past. Our blend is beautiful baby. It’s unique, it’s special, it’s ours. Guess what….you get to add another year of wisdom, grace, and beauty to it…to us…because you’ve entered the year of 36. 

I love you baby! I truly believe that this year you will be better than you’ve ever been…do more than you ever have, and have more than you’ve ever imagined because you are growing more acquainted with and allowing the energy of the God within you.

I love you.

Need I say more? This brought tears to my eyes. This man inspires me, secures me, and loves me in a way that I can’t even begin to describe.

Husbands/Boyfriends/Significant Others: You have an amazing ability to rock your woman’s world by the things you say (and don’t say), the words you choose, the focus and attention you give her and on and on……it’s the simple and seemingly small things that continue to build and strengthen the bond!

I love you baby!!!!!!!! Thank you for loving me!!!!

My card:  🙂


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  1. Patricia K.
    Patricia K. says:

    Sounds like it's cookin' to me! Congrats, you two! That's the way you do it! I pray for eternal blessings for you both and your beautiful little ones!

  2. K.O.
    K.O. says:

    Love the love!!!

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