Right Or Wrong? High School Guidance Counselor Fired For Writing Racy Book…Compares Vaginas Of Black, White, Asian, & Latina Women

Bryan Craig, a now former high school guidance counselor and girl’s basketball coach, told “NBC Chicago” he was wrongfully terminated from his job for writing a ‘racy’ self-help/relationship book.

The book is called “It’s Her Fault” and Bryan said he wrote the book in an effort to “give women a road map to having the upper hand in a relationship with a man”.

“I just expressed my opinion in a book and it had nothing to do with my position as guidance counselor” says Bryan.


The Chicago Tribune reports that Rich Township High School District voted unanimously to fire Craig last week. Craig has filed a $1 million federal lawsuit against the district and its school board.


One excerpt from the book contains a line about Craig’s “weakness for cleavage,” and other parts give women advice on how to perform oral sex.



Here’s an excerpt provided by Jezebel.com from Bryan’s book comparing the difference between the vaginas of Black White, Asian and Latina women.


“White women’s vaginal walls are almost exactly regular pink, and the heat value is very average, but usually more moist than others.


Asian women have a smaller vagina, which is standard in color. The size of a vagina usually adds to a man’s ego as far as penis size is concerned.


Darker black women have hot pink vaginal walls. Lighter black women have lighter pink vaginal walls and they’re typically warmer than that of the darker ladies.


Black women in general have more meat surrounding their vagina than other races, which shows more camel toe form with clothes on.


Latin women’s vaginal walls are very similar to light-skinned women, but they are much warmer.”

Soooo, BLAM Fam….this is an interesting situation isn’t it? People should be able to stretch out into new industries like Bryan did, right? He didn’t go around promoting his book to the children at school. The word is that he was actually an excellent guidance counselor who the kids loved. But, then again doesn’t a business, organization, or institution have the right to determine what they stand for or do not stand for or want to be affiliated with? There are many organizations that have a code of conduct/code of ethics that extends beyond the workplace because they feel you represent the brand, organization,institution at all times. Is this fair?

What do you think?

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  1. vee
    vee says:

    He should have been fired. The man showed a tremendous lack of wisdom in writing a book about some foolishness about comparing women's vaginas. This man works WITH young women in a very close capacity. One on one on occasion, as a guidance counselor. I would not want him anywhere near my daughter or son.

  2. Wayne
    Wayne says:

    Wow….I think it's unfair how he was treated HOWEVER I wouldn't feel comfortable with him providing guidance to my daughter

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