Talking Dirty: Ladies…Is It In You?

By: Cinnamon Spice

For some people, talking dirty comes naturally. These are the same people who always know what to wear to seduce a man, the same people who know where all the great hotspots are, and those who seem to have no inhibitions whatsoever.

For the rest of us, however, learning to talk dirty might not come that easily!

There are a few surefire tips that will get you started in learning to talk dirty. These are things you can do today – right now! – that will get you on the road to dirty talk success.

Make a list. Sit down and brainstorm a list of dirty words. Phrases, sentences, single words – it doesn’t matter. Just make them all hot and dirty. Write down every dirty word you have ever heard. If you start to blush while you are writing out your list, then you know you’re on the right track.

Read them aloud. Stand in front of the mirror and read the words out loud. Make sure you are alone, so you won’t run the chance of being embarrassed by an unexpected visitor. Say the words slowly and carefully, listening carefully to each one. Watch yourself in the mirror as you say the words. It might seem silly, but there is a method to the madness! The more comfortable you are saying the words to yourself, the more comfortable you will be in saying them to a partner.

Let your fantasies run wild. When you fantasize about something, throw in a lot of dirty talk. You know what you like, and you know what you want – now say it! Crawl into bed with your favorite vibrator and your dirty mind, then describe everything you see in your head. Say it all out loud. Which words turn you on even more? Which ones make you uncomfortable? This is important, because you are learning what dirty talk does for you.

Practice all the time! The more you say the words, the more comfortable you will be. Talk out your fantasies and talk to your mirror until you can say anything with a straight face. Then play with your voice – does a sultry growl sound better? Does your voice naturally drop or become sexier when you say the words that turn you on? Focus on that…what can you do to make the words sound hotter?

These are just the “tips” of the iceberg when it comes to talking dirty. If it feels awkward at first, don’t worry – most people have the same problem. You can learn how to talk dirty and soon you will be saying those naughty things to your lover as if they were as natural as breathing. Try it and see.

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  1. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    This is really outside of my comfort zone. I wasn't raised in such a way where sensuality and comfortability with sexuality were lifted up. I'm gonna give it a try. I'm a bit scared because I have no idea what "other" world I'm about to discover.

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