Romancing Your Spouse With Facebook

By James M. Hussey

It used to be that all you needed to do was stop by a florist, grab a dozen or so roses and a box of chocolates, and $100 later show up early to pick her up for dinner. Those days, well, actually those days are still around to be honest with you. However, if you’re creative, you can use Facebook and other social media to go public. I know what I’m about to tell you is a bit controversial. Some would say it’s even a little bit on the cheesy side, a bit over the top, but after being married 15 years I’ve discovered that even the most die-hard romantic can be wooed with a few simple keystrokes. What I am sharing with you is unashamedly “cheesy,” something you’d expect from a pair of high school kids. That’s OK. My wife thinks I’m a bit on the silly side, but it’s purposefully done. I honestly want the world to know, even her anonymous Facebook “friends,” that I cherish my wife.

Here’s a few of the things I’ve done:

1) Signed up for Facebook.

Mind you, if my wife had signed up for MySpace or Twitter, I’d have gone those routes. She stuck with Facebook, so I created my own account. We have many shared friends, but many unshared friends. I don’t care who these people are, I signed up for Facebook to woo my wife. Everything and everyone else is second fiddle.

2) I post YouTube videos of our favorite songs from yesteryear on her wall.

I do this semi-often, at least once per week. I’ll listen to the radio and catch an oldie but goodie, and I’ll think of her, and sometimes it’s just simply to remember how horrid our taste was back then. We get a laugh from silly Vanilla Ice or Milli Vanilli videos, and then I’ll post a Jack Johnson or something she is privy to, just to show her I know her and her tastes. Then I’ll post a status or comment message to reflect the silly or romantic idea.

3) I post status messages on my account to let everyone know what a seriously lucky guy I am, and praise my wife’s recent accomplishments, even if it’s seemingly unimportant.

I delight in the simple things she does, from sewing and canning to simply being a fantastic mom. I want the Facebook universe to know that our romance is very much alive, though I refrain from posting anything that could come off as inappropriate for young eyes.

4) I’ll be sure to comment on her posts and thoughts on a regular basis. I want her friends as well as my friends to know we’re united and still those best friends that got married just out of high school. This may not be your case, but perhaps letting your significant other know that he or she still retains that apple-of-your-eye status in a public forum would enrich their day.

Alright, maybe some of what I have written is simply too public for some of you: that’s fine, pick one or two things to interact with your loved ones and let them know you’re thinking of them. Sometimes the simplest sign that you still care can put that smile on your loved one’s face and lighten their step just a bit. Using Facebook to add romance to your relationship will in the very least show that you took five minutes’ worth of your time to actually stop and think of your partner. Give it a try if you haven’t already, and who cares what the other guys will say? If you’re in a committed relationship with one woman, then isn’t she worth the extra five minutes?

James M. Hussey is proud father to 6, happy husband to his lovely bride of 15 years and counting, and works a family business by day and builds his websites by night. See his site at Elliptical Trainer Exercise to find the best brands.

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  1. Yana
    Yana says:

    I honestly wouldn't like all of this done on my FB page. As long as my husband shows me love and treats me well behind closed doors I could careless what the people on my page think about us and how happy we are. I am actually baffled by the posters need for outside approval….

  2. mrssays
    mrssays says:

    This is a homerun! Your thoughtfulness in how you approach "FB wooing" is a dream come true for the average woman. At the end of the day who doesn't want expression that someone "gets" them.

  3. lanasuccess4kids
    lanasuccess4kids says:


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