Sex Lies, Vibrators, Orgasms and More…

Men listen to men about sex. What men should be doing is listening to women about what their wants and desires are. Here, we answer a question from a man who is feeling insecure because his wife just recently purchased a vibrator. We also talk about other misguided advice men get from other men about sex. The bottom line is….if you want to know how to do…then ask the person you are doing it to. They know what they like and don’t like and their answers offer the quickest and clearest route to satisfaction.

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  1. Reneemo
    Reneemo says:

    This was the realest one yet!!! THANK YOU for asking for the definition, because I sho was guessing…but now I know! And, your expression when Ayize said he could show you right then>>Priceless!!!

  2. Abdul-Qaadir
    Abdul-Qaadir says:

    What is the big deal? I bought my wife a vibrator to enhance our lovemaking. Sex toys are for people who want "exxxxxtra" in the bedroom and not "same old." The difference here is that I made the purchase not her. So, what? Even if she did I would not be offended at all. I believe that each time a husband and wife have sexxxxx it should be like Star Trek…..different episodes each week. However, a few re-runs wouldn't hurt.

  3. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    I was sitting here nodding my head in agreement the whole time with this post. One of the things that I’ve found most interesting with couples is how little they actually communicate with one another. Couples should not be hesitant to talk to their spouses about any issue. First, let me say, it is great to have media forums like this to help people; however, this brother should be talking to his wife. A lot of times our assumptions are so off base. Instead of him thinking he is inadequate, she may just want to mix it up some. We have got to have open, honest communication in our marriages. We waste so much time wondering and making assumptions. I encourage everyone to address their issues. It makes our bedroom experiences so much more pleasurable.

  4. gwen
    gwen says:

    first I would like to say I just love your videos…."keeping it real"
    I am in the adult novelty business Pure Romance by Gwen and of course I couldn't tell you about products that I sell…WE test most of the products including vibrators but I wouldnt dare present anything to my man WITHOUT talking about it first….ASK FIRST men and women…everything is not for everybody. A hour, half hour, ten minutes it's all good for us depending on how we feel. My baby beats it up….lol and puts my back OUTTT lol…ok tmi
    I must agree my hubby is not satisfied until I am.
    if you and your husband or friends are interested in products
    Pure Romance by GWen
    all orders are STRICTLY confidential

  5. Chris
    Chris says:

    I personally feel like she should've talked about wanting a vibrator with her husband before purchasing one. It's not far fetched for a man to feel inadequate when he happens upon a vibrator while looking for his missing shoe under the bed.

  6. llovely
    llovely says:

    So true me and my husband just had that talk last night and it went well. They are the only ones that can tell you and your best bet is to listen.

  7. DarleneC
    DarleneC says:

    TMI TMI TMI LOL…..Yall are too cute and too funny. I appreciate yall for keeping it real. Ayize you scared me when you were hitting your hand like that. LOL I always say "why do for an hour when you can do and do it well in 10 minutes". I love yall…Keep up the great work.

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