Should My Wife Wear Leggings That Show Her Booty?

Would you let your wife wear leggings that show her booty?  Do you have a problem looking at other women wearing leggings even though you’re married?  Check out this question and let us know what you think.

Question: I have a question about the every so popular yoga pants or leggings.  I love them but hate them. Every where I go I  see and some make me turn my head. But when my wife where’s them I’m in the hate mode because of the looks she gets. These leggings show a lot especially the cheap ones I because I can see it all.  They look nice but they got me going crazy!!  I  don’t want to tell my wife what to wear, and I want to stop looking, at the others. I think!! These really isn’t a complete question. She’d some light please!!


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  1. Smoov Nut
    Smoov Nut says:

    Both women & men been caught peepin at all that booty in them leggings & tights. When women wear them with a short top, it is clearly very revealing – no matter if intentional or unintentional. I would say that most women know they are "showing off their curves" in a very confident way.

    For men, who's spouse/partner like to wear these confortable – yet revealing – items, it becomes a question of being personally comfortable with her wear such a sexy type of clothing. But it also opens the door to revealing how much the men trust their own partner/spouse as well. If she's wearing the tights/leggings simply b/c they're cute & she feels confident, that's probably OK. If she's wearing the sexy stuff for the mere attention she knows she'll get, that's another issue.

  2. Janice
    Janice says:

    A lot of women know what they're doing when they put those on. They like the attention they get for being stank. smh

  3. Lavern
    Lavern says:

    Y'all are funny. Ayize you better be careful looking at them booty's lol

  4. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    You guys have great chemistry. Thanks for keeping it real.

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