Should Women Talk $H!T During Sex?

By Zach S.

Hell yes! Believe it or not, the woman is in control and it is she who dictates the energy. It’s unbelievable, but it is true! Understanding this fact and learning how to use it to your advantage can dramatically improve your sex life and your partner’s sexual enjoyment. A woman can make a man feel like King Kong or ding dong depending on what she says to him in bed. Why do you think men go to strip clubs? Strippers have perfected the art of telling men what they want to hear.

Why Men Love It

Ladies, you have to remember that we are men and we have a competitive nature. A woman talking shit to us in bed is like a dude talking shit to us on the basketball court or football field. It’s like one guy saying to another guy, “You’re not good enough.” What is a man’s natural reaction? To intensify our effort. Competitors know that this is when the game gets really good—when the shit talking starts. We love it!

$H!T Talking 101

The man wants to own the woman and most men think that to own you they must conquer the pus@y. (The wise man knows that you never conquer the pus@y; you only conquer the mind). This is how you make him feel: like he is the man. By what you say, you give him confidence that he is accomplishing his goal to conquer and please you. He is your musician and you are the orchestra conductor.

Your words encourage him to rise to your expectations. To drive his passion and arouse his aggression, use names and phrases like Big Daddy, Poppy, and “give it to me.” Whisper and breathe heavily into his ear saying, “Big Daddy,” and watch how such a simple move can motivate and incite him.

A woman talking shit to us in the bed is like music to our ears. We’re saying to ourselves “How dare you…really, really? Hell no…” I know she is not talking shit to me but we love to hear it. It is the best insult you can give a guy.

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  1. Jacquelyn Marie
    Jacquelyn Marie says:

    Wow…I love this 🙂

  2. shytetalkerwannabe
    shytetalkerwannabe says:

    Love it! I just learned a couple of things!

  3. Babynaa
    Babynaa says:

    This message really rock our men,i love it

  4. Keesha
    Keesha says:

    Ladies…THIS IS SOOOOOOO TRUE!! I'm a natural born sh#$ talker, so it came naturally for me. I LOVE to talk during sex, talk about inciting a riot??!! Whew… I'll go from A-Z, from the "ooh's and aah's", to the "I bet you can't" to the.."tell me what to do" to the "do you like that"….OMG, it's soooo much to be said!! I'll stop now, but for those who aren't as comfortable or new to this…start kinda slow and soft…and get increasingly more aggressive. It's definitely a win win!

  5. Yana
    Yana says:

    Bam!! I love it!

  6. Rosalyn
    Rosalyn says:

    I can always get him to give me what I want if I coach him a little. My husband loves the challenge lol

  7. Keisha
    Keisha says:

    Wowsers!!! Yall weren't playing when yall said you keep it 100% real.

  8. J. T.
    J. T. says:

    I'm gonna forward this to my wife right now!!!!

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