STOP Pointing The Finger….START Taking Responsibility For The Mess You Create In Your Relationship

VIDEO: It’s easy to point the finger at your spouse and say what they aren’t doing or how they’re coming up short in your relationship. It’s easy to identify your spouses weaknesses and isolate them out as though they’re the sole contributor to the chaos in your relationship.  It’s easy to say “You are the problem…You are the reason we’re stuck.”  Or what about, “You are the reason I cheated.” Or…”You are the reason we got money problems.”  All of these statements may carry some validity but there’s a key component that’s being omitted.  There are no “I” statements.  The person doing the blaming is not taking personal responsibility for their role in creating their relationship mess.  This is a major problem.  In this video we challenge you to stop pointing the finger outward and start pointing the inward as you TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for the success and failure of your relationship.

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  1. Vick
    Vick says:

    Excellent post yall! Great points.

  2. Jeffery Ferrell
    Jeffery Ferrell says:

    I can't ever recall a post that I agree with more than this one! You absolutely NAILED IT! 99.99999% of Marriage problems could be resolved if people would simply do what you have suggested. So I'm puttin on my hard hat and goin to work on ME! Thanks you guys!

  3. Dorcas
    Dorcas says:

    thanks you two for this eye opener. love it.

  4. Tonya Charles
    Tonya Charles says:

    You wanna know when my marriage changed…when I did just that. Own my issues in the relationship. You can't even see the true problems until you own yours.

  5. Shontae
    Shontae says:

    Great post as usual guys. Yall gave some great information about taking ownership.

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