Stop Trippin’ ! Sometimes, It Just Ain’t That Serious!

VIDEO: How many times in our relationships do we have petty squabbles about “seemingly” significant stuff that at the end of a well calculated day…..just ain’t that serious? Spats over who has the remote, where to go to dinner, who left the last dish in the sink are all common and normal in relationships. A relationship consists of two different people with different ideas and different ways of doing things so EXPECT DIFFERENCE. That’s # 1. Just expect it. #2—How do we deal with it? We could get upset, give the silent treatment, pick a fight (that will last like 3 days!), ask to “talk” when what we really want is to assert our way and force our partner to agree….we could fuss, groan, and moan and dwell on how it’s not fair that I have to deal with this….you know the rest OR we could get a little perspective, focus on what’s really important and declare: It just ain’t that serious! Whew! That’s freedom! Release yourself from the stress of self-induced agitation and irritation and have a “It just ain’t that serious day” today. You just might like it!




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  1. Reanna
    Reanna says:

    Marriage is a serious condition that needs to think it over because its a kind of obligation beyond thy self and God… Even though there's a time that we think that we are fault, its better late to think it twice…
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  2. Green Destiny
    Green Destiny says:

    Good advice! With me being an emotional person, sometimes I react to situations with my boyfriend as if they are mountains when really they are molehills. Given that I'm aware of my temperance(and my boyfriend had called me a crybaby more than once), I try my best to calm down and ask myself whether the severity of the situation is equal to the severity of my emotions.
    Once again, thanks for the advice and keep up with the good work!

  3. traci
    traci says:

    and if it is that serious to you…take a time out…just like we tell our kids. that could be for a few minutes, a night or an annual girls..or boys trip. this coming from a mom of 2 with a supportive husband who is telling me he got the kids and i can take a long weekend away and have not done it. he even said, tra…it ain't that serious. just go and chill out and come back refreshed. so…i'm outty!!! peace!

  4. Kandy
    Kandy says:

    I agree…sometimes it ain't that serious!. Especially when i'm at fault! LOL

    • Tim
      Tim says:

      It's never that serious when women are at fault….but it's always something major when "we" men make the slightest mistake. Go figure!

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